Fredrik Eklund Launches Wine: ‘MDLNY’ Star Focusing On Business Instead Of Babies?

Fredrik Eklund has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for the past couple of years and he has used the platform to grow his personal brand. This Swedish real-estate agent has made quite a name for himself, as he is currently writing his second book and been on the show for several seasons. Million Dollar Listing: New York has been nominated for an Emmy twice, and he could not be more proud of his accomplishments. However, it sounds like Eklund is launching another business venture: a wine.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he has been working on a line of wine and he launched his rosé wine this week in France. Eklund turns 40 soon, and he is launching the wine as the beginning of this new decade for him. Moreover, to make the launch even more special, Fredrik Eklund decided to travel to France to launch the wine. Plus, he has revealed on social media that he’s visiting Luis D. Ortiz, who moved to Paris about two months ago.

“I think: this is life. This very moment is what it’s all about. This is what I’ve worked so hard for. I’m finally here, in Florence with my family, on my way to Paris for my 40th birthday! The High-Kick wine started with a dream over a year ago. A dream to enjoy my own premium Venetian rosé, a gorgeous bottle that symbolizes everything that I love about this life,” Fredrik Eklund wrote on Instagram, revealing that he’s launching his own line of wine to celebrate his 40th birthday.

While Fredrik Eklund doesn’t drink on the show as he’s filmed working and selling homes to rich customers, he admits that he does have a love affair with rosé wine. And since his standards are so high, he admits that he wanted every detail to be perfect. As it turns out, Eklund has been working on this new product for a while.

“It’s no secret I’ve always been obsessed with rosé wine, so when creating my own it had to be absolutely perfect. Everything about it,” Fredrik Eklund explained in his lengthy Instagram post, revealing that he’s very happy with the final product.

“I’m so incredibly happy with the final result, the color, the gold leaf packaging, the heavy bottle, a liquid piece of me and my dreams. The first limited batch of 12,000 bottles went online yesterday and most likely won’t last beyond the weekend unfortunately. We are now producing more, a lot more, which will be available in more countries soon, I promise. I apologize in advance that not everyone will be able to order at this moment in time. But remember, these first bottles were made with a lot of high-kicking love, really and truly,” Fredrik Eklund explains in his Instagram post.

A few years ago, Fredrik Eklund announced that he was expecting twins with his husband, Derek Kaplan, through a surrogate. Sadly, the surrogate miscarried the twins shortly after his announcement. They tried to have a baby again but miscarried for the second time. He was devastated and wasn’t sure if he wanted to try again. But recently, he posted a picture of himself and Derek with a family emoticon. Maybe he isn’t putting his family plans on hold to work on his business. Maybe he will provide an update on the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, which is expected to air later this spring on Bravo.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s post about launching a new wine? Do you think it is a great business move since he has such a huge platform on Million Dollar Listing: New York?

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