‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Adding Mark Gibbon As General Zod And A Returning Tyler Hoechlin’s Man Of Steel, Superman

In previous Supergirl Season 2 episodes, we’ve seen Kara and her team at the DEO dealing with low level, invading Kryptonian’s before. But as reported by Screen Rant, General Zod himself will apparently finally be making an appearance near the end of this season. Zod’s “Kneel before Zod” moment is probably why Superman will also be returning for the Supergirl Season 2 finale.

We’ve frequently seen Zod in comic books and in film, as well as on the Smallville series on the CW, but this will make his first appearance on Supergirl. There have been many different incarnations of the character, from your standard mustache twirling villain to Michael Shannon’s much more nuanced approach in Man of Steel.

In this case, Zod will be played by Mark Gibbon, who has appeared on both Smallville and in Man of Steel. Of course, Gibbon didn’t play the role of the Zod in either the series or the movie. Gibbon’s also appeared in other Vancouver-based sci-fi series, such as Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Which version of Zod we will get in Supergirl isn’t quite clear, but there will probably be a big fight between Zod’s Kryptonian minions and the Supergirl squad. We know that Superman will be backing up Supergirl, but it’s just possible we’ll get another crossover where she calls in a bit of backup from team Flash on Earth 1. We can only hope.

It has to be said that the other Kryptonian villains we’ve seen so far on Supergirl really left a lot to be desired when it came to menace. Supergirl’s Aunt Astra and her consort/underling Non seemed more annoying than frightening, especially combined with Supergirl’s constant inner debate about whether they were the bad guys or not.

But with Zod, we should get a whole new level of threat. While Astra and Non were little more than ecoterrorists on Krypton, we know that the character of Zod is usually portrayed as an aggressive and brilliant general who commanded Krypton’s armed forces. So tactically at least, he should present more of a problem for Supergirl and the DEO.

In fact, that’s almost certainly why Superman will once again make an appearance on Supergirl. A global threat like Zod would logically require everybody pitching in. This should make for an exciting finale, given the positive reaction most people had to Tyler Hoechlin’s multi-episode portrayal of the Man of Steel at the start of Season 2.

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has been praised by many critics and viewers as the best version of the character we’ve seen since Christopher Reeve. When compared to the current grim, dark version we’re getting from the Warner Bros. DC Cinematic Universe, Hoechlin’s portrayal of the character was a breath of fresh air.

Instead of Henry Cavill’s angst-ridden, existentialist Superman constantly pondering the meaninglessness of it all, Supergirl offered us a Superman who was positive, heroic and reminiscent of the Man of Steel we got from the Richard Donner films of the 1970s and 80s. As corny as those films might seem these days, that kind of hopefulness is still apparently what people want in their Superman.

But aside from the possibility of the television Superman eclipsing the cinematic Superman, one of the principal concerns the studio had about introducing Superman on Supergirl was that he might eclipse Supergirl herself. This is probably the reason we only saw him as a blur or is a pair of boots in the first season.

But now with General Zod in the offing, it’s clearly all hands on deck for the big Supergirl Season 2 finale. If this second appearance by Tyler Hoechlin goes as well as the first one, maybe there’s even the possibility that we’ll finally get the Superman television series so many people have hoped for.

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