‘Southern Charm’ Recap, Does Thomas Ravenel Finally Admit Kathryn Dennis Passed Drug Test In Preview?

Another episode of Southern Charm has aired with just a glimpse of Kathryn Dennis, but there are hints that things are about to change, as on the preview, Thomas finally admits that he had been wrong, and not only had Kathryn taken the drug tests she was supposed to take, but she had passed them. All of them. While Craig and Naomie were the focus of tonight’s episode, the preview suggests that we might be full on Thomas and Kathryn as early as next week.

Last week, the focus was Landon, and her travel guide website, formerly called ROAM, and now called Trovare, according to the Inquisitr. But the party Landon threw for her business venture was tainted by Shep calling Landon on her lack of professionalism, and in real time, questions were being asked about why Landon changed the name of her travel site between the time the season of Southern Charm was shot in the fall, and aired last week (approximately six months in time). Kathryn called foul on Landon’s website being an actual functioning business, as it is not by subscription, not selling anything, and the site itself does not even have any advertising. While Landon says the site is still a work in progress, many fans have wondered why it doesn’t even cover Austin, the location she mentioned on an episode of Southern Charm.

But while the buds of the Landon/Thomas relationship were seen on tonight’s episode of Southern Charm (and yes, they are still denying that they have ever had anything going, despite Thomas bragging to Whitney about Landon’s oral skills), the main focus is the yin and and yang of Craig and Naomie. Realitytea explained that Craig and Naomie are the ultimate example of opposites attracting, as go-getter Naomie and slacker Craig.

Naomie is managing to get things done for a charity event, despite school and work, while Craig seems to be taking his time, hanging out, having lunch and drinks with Landon, which puts additional stress on Naomie. Naomie has asked Craig to be in charge of the step and repeat backdrop for the event (which Craig keeps confusing with catch and release, which is a fishing term, and has nothing to do with philanthropy). Normally chill and even tempered Naomie finally lets loose on Craig, and lets him know exactly what she thinks, and how his slacking puts pressure on everyone else. But perhaps the most amusing point of the episode comes when Craig trots out what he knows of French for Naomie’s French speaking parents (let’s just say he must have studied at the Ravenel school of language).


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But the preview for Episode 4 of Southern Charm Season 4 is perhaps the most telling moments of the season so far, as Thomas Ravenel admits that Kathryn has passed the drug test he mentioned in Episode 1, where he claimed that Dennis wouldn’t take a test, because she knew she would fail. He also says that it means that Kathryn would have the kids every other weekend with supervision, and we now know that the supervision was with Kathryn’s mother.

This agreement was in place from that time on, and Kathryn is optimistic that next week, when the mediation starts with Thomas Ravenel, that she can finally get back to a time when she can see her kids whenever she wants. Since Kathryn regained her visitation of the children, there has not been a point since that she lost it, and she is tested regularly, despite the rumors to the contrary.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Southern Charm? Were you surprised that Kathryn passed her test, considering the negative way Thomas was talking about her at the party?

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