‘My 600-Lb Life’: Lupe’s Incredible Journey

A woman featured on My 600-Lb Life hasn’t left her bed or walked on her own for 12 years. Lupe Samano, 40-years-old and weighing just below 600 lbs, has been urinating, defecating, eating, and showering in her bed all this time.

Lupe Samano, who appeared on Wednesday’s episode of My 600-Lb Life, has had an incredibly painful journey of weight loss. By age 28, Lupe had already been weighing around 500 lbs due to her rapid weight gain that started when she was 5-years-old when her parents abandoned her.

In 2005, when she was 28-years-old, Lupe Samano suffered a kidney failure, and that’s where her health struggles got chaotic.

Lupe, who has developed diabetes due to her weight gain, was rushed to the E.R. when she suffered a kidney failure, which eventually resulted in a diabetic coma and other health issues.

In an exclusive 600-Lb Life clip, Lupe Samano opened up about her weight issues while lying down on her bed. Lupe says she had so much fat around her neck, it was suffocating her.

“So they had to do a tracheotomy just so I could breathe when I was unconscious.”

Lupe Samano, who’s the latest addition to TLC’s My 600-Lb Life series, says she had to go undergo a chin tuck and surgeons had to put the trach in, according to People magazine.

It’s been 12 years since the life-changing event, and Lupe Samano hasn’t left her bed even once since then. Lupe, who has put on 100 lbs more, says the surgery “changed my life.”

Even though Lupe Samano is now trying to lose weight on the My 600-Lb Life program, 600-Lb Life weight-loss experts are going to have a hard time helping Lupe lose all that weight, as the 40-year-old woman hasn’t walked on her own since the kidney failure.

“I walked into the E.R. and never walked out.”

Lupe Samano, who isn’t able to stand, needs to be taken care of 24/7 in order to survive. And the 600-Lb Life woman’s husband Gilbert has been there by her side this whole time to carry Lupe through the rough patch.

Lupe Samano, who decided to seek professional help on My 600-Lb Life, confessed that her bed is where she has been urinating and defecating for the past 12 years. Her bed is also where she has washed and eaten her meals for over a decade.

“[It’s] where I do everything.”

But Lupe Samano wants to change her life. Lupe, who’s expected to change her eating habits and lifestyle on My 600-Lb Life, says she “can’t even explain how much I hate being in this bed.”

“I need to be taken care of 24/7 because I can’t do anything for myself.”

Lupe Samano’s decision to seek help on My 600-Lb Life stems from her inability to find the motivation to make a change in her life. Lupe, who has no control over her body, says being overweight makes it “hard” and “a struggle” to do everything she does to live.

Lupe, who says her body is “starting to break down,” will be moved to Houston where 600-Lb Life experts will evaluate if the 40-year-old woman can qualify for My 600-Lb Life‘s weight loss surgery to finally be able to be in control of her own body and life.

My 600-Lb Life is the last resort for Lupe Samano, who says she’s “in pain” and feeling “helpless” and “worthless.” Lupe, who weighs just below 600 lbs, says her weight gain is damaging her heart, liver, kidneys, and legs.


TLC’s My 600-Lb Life airs on Wednesdays. Last week, the program showed the weight-loss struggles of the Assanti brothers, Steven and Justin, who weighed more than 1,400 lbs combined when they entered the My 600-Lb Life program. Read more about their incredible journey here.

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