‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Spoilers: Will Capaldi’s Doctor Who Be Running Into A Doctor From An Earlier Season?

Is Steven Moffat, in his final season of Doctor Who, going to give us a huge surprise with the appearance of a Doctor Who we haven’t seen in decades? In recent years, the crossovers between Doctor Whos have primarily involved the most recent versions of the Doctor since the show was revived under Russell T. Davies. But there’s reason to think – and the rumor mill is suggesting – that we might get the return of the very first Doctor Who in a Season 10 episode.

This would be William Hartnell’s original Doctor Who. You might think that this was going to be done through camera trickery or CGI FX, given that Hartnell is sadly no longer with us. But as noted by Inverse, during the 50th anniversary special entitled “An Adventure in Space and Time,” the actor William Hartnell was played by actor David Bradley.

In fact, he played him so convincingly that many people at the time said it was actually almost haunting. It was almost as though Hartnell had returned to play the role himself. So it’s fairly clear that Bradley would be the perfect person to play the original Doctor Who, as portrayed by William Hartnell, in any upcoming episode of Doctor Who.

More than this, throughout last season and in the main Doctor Who 5oth anniversary special, the show producers have been dropping hints about the fate of the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, who traveled with him in the first few seasons.

This could make for a fascinating episode of Doctor Who, since we’ve never had the opportunity to learn exactly how the Doctor has a granddaughter at all. We’ve never seen any evidence of him having children, but presumably they would be on Gallifrey with the rest of the Time Lords. Unless of course they’re dead.

An interesting possibility here is that the two “weeping Angels of old” standing directly behind Time Lord President Rassilon, as played by Timothy Dalton so well several seasons ago, might be the Doctor’s children. Or at least his child and that child’s spouse. This would make them Susan’s parents.

So the return of the original Doctor Who – with him being portrayed by David Bradley – could mean the chance to explore a good deal more of the Doctor’s secretive history on Gallifrey. We might learn the real reason, whatever that might be, that he left his home world in the first place.

Plus the chance to see the ever cranky Peter Capaldi version of Doctor Who encountering the even more cranky William Hartnell version of Doctor Who would easily be worth the price of admission. Well, if we had to pay admission instead of cable fees.

Plus, there’s even the possibility that, since we already know the current new companion of the Doctor is going to be a single-season character, the next companion of the Doctor could be Susan herself returning, to be played by a new actress of course.

And despite the claims that a young doctor has already been chosen to replace Capaldi, who’s leaving after this season, there’s always the hope that the new show producers might decide to look the series back on itself by having the original William Hartnell Doctor be the form into which Capaldi regenerates as the 13th doctor. Again, Bradley himself could play this role of the original Doctor returning to the series.

In that way, the upcoming regenerations of the Doctor could be played out as reincarnations of the previous versions of the Doctor on Doctor Who. So, theoretically we might get Sean Pertwee coming back to play the role of Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who, since he bears a close resemblance to his father.

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