‘Injustice 2’: Poison Ivy Teaser Released, Official Character Trailer To Be Released Tomorrow

Injustice 2 is gaining hype, and a new challenger looks to be stepping onto the stage tomorrow.

NetherRealm Studio has been hard at work with the development of Injustice 2, the latest project to involve heroes and villains from the DC Universe. We’ve been exposed to a growing roster of characters, and NetherRealm is going to bring yet another fighter into the fray.

In a report by Eventhubs, it’s been confirmed that Poison Ivy will be getting a character reveal trailer tomorrow. The trailer for Catwoman’s character reveal has already confirmed this, but we’ll be getting a closer focus on Poison Ivy with gameplay and her introduction against opponents.

Ed Boon, creative director for NetherRealm Studio, took to Twitter and updated fans on the newest reveal coming from Injustice 2. In his tweet, he includes a small teaser that involves Poison Ivy arriving on the scene. Naturally, we see that she’ll be using nature and its plant-type elements to maneuver the screen and decimate her opponents.

From what NetherRealm has released so far, Poison Ivy looks to possess a wide range of abilities that will surprise and immobilize her foes. While we’ve seen bits and pieces of her skills in the gameplay reveal trailer alongside Cheetah, Catwoman, and Black Canary, Poison Ivy’s moveset is scarcely complete. Perhaps this is why Ed Boon has teased the Injustice 2 vixen in such a way.

The trailer for the females in Injustice 2 also looks to hold a teaser in regards to Poison Ivy’s super move. Every character in the original game possessed one, and the animation of her laying the hurt on a bound Atrocitus looks familiar in execution. Developers have most likely saved the entire sequence for her character reveal. If her current tidbits of gameplay are any indication, she’ll be as unique as other entrants in Injustice 2.

This will be the first time that Poison Ivy has taken the stage in an Injustice game. While she wasn’t involved in the previous installment, it’s almost guaranteed that the mistress of plants will be one component of many in the story that revolves around Injustice 2. Given that she has history with Batman, she may become critical to the plot.

Poison Ivy has been a staple of the Batman series, making her an iconic character among other characters.

From the Injustice official website, you can see a small profile on Ivy below.

“Dr. Pamela Isley was once an innovative, radical botanical biochemist with a singular goal: make the world safe for plant life to flourish. She joins the Society to further their common interest in bringing mankind to its knees, but at heart, Ivy’s desire is to ensure that in any new world order, flora dominates fauna.”

Could this mean that Poison Ivy will stand alone in the Injustice 2 plot? Possibly. There’s already the knowledge that the events from the first Injustice will carry over into the second game, as heroes like Supergirl appear to be aimed toward helping Superman in a plot that is yet to be truly revealed. IGN reported that an Injustice 2 comic is being released to coincide with the game. If you’re looking for the comic plot synopsis, you can view what has been released so far.

Injustice 2 is set to be released on May 16 of this year. If you’re looking to get caught up on the story, the original Injustice is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and XBox One.

Are you excited for the Poison Ivy character reveal trailer tomorrow? Do you think she’ll be a top tier character in Injustice 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By NetherRealm Studio]

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