Easter 2017: Personalized Easter Baskets With Names, Ideas, Photos And Video Tutorials To Create Your Own

Easter 2017 is here and it’s time to get those baskets together. This year, you’ll find that personalized Easter baskets are in high demand. Many companies are offering various baskets complete with a fabric liner personalized with your child’s name. Though you can have your Easter baskets delivered to your door, complete with candy, treats, and goodies, you can also personalize your children’s Easter baskets for very little cost. If you looking for interesting, creative, and fun ideas, then consider personalized Easter baskets. They’re a great choice, easy to make and your children will love them.

Budget will determine how you approach your personalized Easter baskets. There is still time available to order your baskets from a specialty company. You can check on Etsy for artisans who will customize Easter baskets. You’ll find several artists are offering their services, but you may need to arrange for fast, expedited shipping due to the time frame.

Those who don’t want to wait for baskets in the mail can find tips and methods for creating unique baskets by hand. The simplest way to create a personalized basket is to write the child’s name on it with a permanent marker. Those with a little bit of artistic talent can use specialty markers, glitter pens or Easter-themed stencils to add a more finished and creative touch. You can use wicker baskets and paint to create original ideas. Check out these tips for painting a personalized Easter basket from Martha Stewart.

Those with a sewing or embroidery machine may find that stitching a child’s name onto a piece of fabric that is used as a liner and folded over the edge of the basket is a great touch. Some choose to stitch a name directly on fabric then create personalized, fabric Easter baskets. Personalized Easter baskets for babies can include monogrammed baby blankets. You can use hand-embroidery to personalize the baby blanket, use it as a liner and then add goodies. This is not only a great Easter basket for your own baby but makes a wonderful gift.

In addition to painting or writing directly on a basket, or using a fabric liner that has been embroidered, written on or otherwise decorated, you can also create personalized Easter baskets by using decorative ribbons. This is a great idea for those who want to use stencils, stamps, glitter, fabric pens, and paints directly on the ribbon instead of on the basket itself. You can add the child’s name to the ribbon and there won’t be any confusion on Easter Sunday morning as to whom the recipient of the personalized basket will be. Check out this photo of a personalized Easter basket with decorative ribbon.

Personalized Easter baskets are special, unique, and can consist of a full name or initials. The fabric liner method remains a popular choice and you can pick up fabric easily at your local craft store. If you don’t like your handwriting, you can use a stencil to spell out the child’s name with a light pencil, and then go over the name with your choice of fabric pen or marker. You can get the same look as professionally made personalized Easter baskets for just a fraction of the cost.

Fabric markers are available in a wide selection of colors and tips. One project idea that you can do that not only personalizes your child’s Easter basket but makes the holiday extra special, is to include your child in the process without him or her knowing. Once you’ve selected the fabric for your liner, have your child decorate the fabric with the markers. Let them draw their favorite Easter pictures such as eggs, bunnies, Jesus, crosses, empty tombs, carrots, spring flowers; whatever Easter means to them. If you want, you can let your child write his or her name in the appropriate section of the fabric. Keep in mind you’ll want the fabric to drape over the basket, so add the name accordingly. How surprised will your child be to see his or her artwork proudly displayed in their personalized Easter basket? Not only will your child have a personalized Easter basket, but a memorial of his or her artwork as well.

Personalized Easter baskets are a great way to ensure the holiday is a special day for your child. Here are some video tutorials for those using fabric pens and markers from YouTube.


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