‘Disappeared’: Kortne Stouffer Timeline Retraced In Missing, No Body Found Case On Investigation Discovery

The case of Kortne Stouffer, a missing Palmyra, Pennsylvania woman, will air on Investigation Discovery’s true-crime series, Disappeared, Lancaster Online reported. Disappeared is a riveting docu-series that examines America’s most frightening missing persons stories. Twenty-one-year-old Kortne Ciera Stouffer vanished without a trace five years ago. Since then, the investigation has led to few clues, and her body has not been found. On ID’s Disappeared, Pennsylvania investigators and family members will retrace the timeline from her last moments to her eerie 2012 disappearance between 3:45 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. the following morning.

According to Disappeared on Investigation Discovery, Kortne Stouffer was a bubbly and gorgeous young woman who loved living her life. Her warm spirit was like a ray of sunshine for those who loved her. That’s especially true for her father, Scott, who has been looking for his daughter since the moment he learned that she had gone missing. That day is forever etched into his memory, and it continues to pierce him like a knife.

Kortne Stouffer was last seen on July 29, 2012, Disappeared will report. She spent her last moments partying and listening to loud music in the W. Main Street apartment. Her fuming neighbors called police a couple of times that night, which led to the arrest of Brad Herr, Kortne Stouffer’s boyfriend. His arrest sent the normally peaceful and loving woman into a rage and left her vulnerable to the mysterious occurrences of the night.

After her boyfriend had been arrested, Kortne Stouffer argued with the neighbors. Shortly after, she left her home and headed to Harrisburg, where she continued drinking. However, she had another altercation, this time, with a couple at the bar.

Ousted from the bar, Kornte Stouffer was escorted back to her apartment by two men; Milton Rodriguez, Jr., and Cody Pruett. By then, she was fuming and ready to fight with the neighbors again, believing that they were the cause of Brad Herr’s arrest.

This time, Kortne Stouffer became so irate that the police received another call. However, by the time they arrived for the last time, they found no signs of Kortne. The apartment was strangely quiet. No lights were on, and no one answered Stouffer’s door or the neighbor’s door, according to Penn Live.

By morning, Kortne Stouffer was nowhere to be found. Her friend Cody Pruett, who had stayed the night, told investigators that he had slept through it all. According to Pruett, he had fallen asleep and believed that Stouffer had done the same. Cody Pruett was the last person to see her alive. However, Authorities have not arrested him in connection with her disappearance, and he has not been named as a suspect. But those close to the case think that the entire case does not add up.

Just what happened to Kortne Stouffer? There are only a few possibilities. And Disappeared will likely explore them all. What is chilling and sad is we’ll never know if Kortne Stouffer was inside of her apartment when authorities came out for the last time since they did not enter the home. Inside of the missing woman’s apartment, nothing was amiss. With everything in place, it didn’t appear as if any type of struggle had occurred there.

And there was one more troubling detail; her car was still parked in her driveway. Among some of the theories about what really happened to Kortne Stouffer is the story of her being dumped in Memorial Lake, which many believed was fabricated to cash in on the reward money. On the Reddit website, a person who claimed to know Kortne Stouffer’s past boyfriend stated that a psychic said that Kortne Stouffer’s body would be found in a barn.

What is known for sure is that Kortne is gone, and her worried parents are heartbroken. For Scott, Kortne was a bright spot in his life, and now he believes that his daughter with the infectious laugh and hippie-like spirit has been taken away from him forever.

Disappeared will air the story of Kortne Stouffer on Investigation Discovery tonight at 10/9 p.m. central.

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