Manhunt On For Wisconsin Fugitive Joseph Jakubowski Who Allegedly Stole Guns, Targeted Trump With Manifesto

The dragnet has been widened in the manhunt for Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski. The 32-year-old stands accused of sending an anti-government manifesto to Donald Trump after burglarizing a gun store. The alleged burglary of the Armageddon Gun Shop took place on Tuesday in Janesville, Wisconsin, and according to police, Jakubowski managed to make off with 16 guns, including several high-caliber assault rifles.

According to Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden, Joseph Jakubowski is presumed to be traveling with the stolen guns as well as a tactical helmet and bulletproof vest. As ABC News reports, authorities believe that the armed and dangerous fugitive is planning to carry out an act of mass destruction, and he has POTUS Donald Trump in his sights.

“Basically, he’s angry at all government officials. You know, whether it’s the president or local officials or whether it’s law enforcement. He basically has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power.

“We consider him to be armed and highly dangerous.”

Before he disappeared, Jakubowski recorded himself apparently mailing his anti-government manifesto, which was addressed to Trump. That footage has made it onto social media and been picked up by news outlets across the country as police continue to search for the fugitive in an ever-widening geographical area.

According to police investigating the gun store robbery and disappearance of Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski, they have recovered a lengthy, 161-page manifesto that he purportedly wrote and mailed to Donald Trump at the White House earlier this week. Police say that while Jakubowski sent his manifesto directly to Trump, the massive document was full of grievances the fugitive attributed not just to the POTUS but to the government in general, as well as America’s “upper class.”

“When you look at his document that he wrote, it’s really a long list of injustices he believes the government and society and the upper class have put forward onto the rest of the citizens, so there’s really nothing specific where he’s saying, ‘I was wronged in this way’ or ‘I was wronged in that way. It’s just an overview that he feels that government and law enforcement, in particular, are acting as terrorists and enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable.”

Perhaps most disturbingly, investigators have uncovered earlier communications attributed to Jakubowski in which he wrote of dying at Trump’s hand, as well as a goal of “saving everyone” by killing American politicians one by one. According to friends close to the 32-year-old fugitive, Joseph Jakubowski had previously spoken of stealing a cache of weapons and carrying out an “unspecified attack.”

Police say that after the Wisconsin fugitive allegedly broke into the gun shop late Tuesday evening, stealing guns and possibly silencers, his vehicle was discovered a short distance away “engulfed in flames.”

Since the disturbing case hit the radar, Wisconsin state authorities have coordinated their investigative efforts with the Secret Service; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the FBI, and are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to Jakubowski’s arrest. So far, over 200 tips have reportedly poured in, but so far none has led authorities to their man.

As NBC News reports, authorities are taking their manhunt and the threat posed by the Wisconsin fugitive very seriously. Apparently, Jakubowski has had repeated run-ins with local law enforcement over the years, and even made attempts to swipe the service weapons off of on-duty police officers, resulting in incarceration in at least one case.

“There was one specific case where he attempted to disarm a police office. Were it not for the very secure holster of this police officer, he would have certainly disarmed that police officer. And for that crime, (he) was sent to prison.”

Earlier in the week, several area schools were closed as police searched over a dozen locations for Jakubowski, and even more schools may be closed Monday if he still hasn’t been apprehended.

Wisconsin fugitive Joseph Jakubowski is described as 5-foot-10 and 200 pounds with green eyes and brown hair; anyone with any information is asked to call 1-800-CALL-FBI or 911.

[Featured Image by FBI/ATF]

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