Mackenzie McKee Is ‘Excited’ For ‘Baby No. 4’ After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Diss Against Briana Dejesus

Mackenzie McKee just sparked a major rumor on Twitter.

After sharing a photo of herself and her husband, Josh McKee, on Instagram, which appeared to show a “belly,” the Teen Mom 3 star poked fun at online rumors on Twitter and caused tons of confusion among her many fans and followers.

Amid her Twitter feud with former co-star Briana DeJesus, Mackenzie McKee claimed she and her husband were so excited to be welcoming their rumored fourth child together.

“Thank you Instagram for informing me I’m pregnant with baby number 4… we are so excited,” Mackenzie McKee wrote to her fans and followers.

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Mackenzie McKee recently made headlines after she seemingly took aim at her former co-star, Briana DeJesus, after learning that the pregnant mother had reportedly nabbed the role of the fifth spot on Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

During an interview with Radar Online, Mackenzie McKee revealed that she too had interviewed for the role and noted that she was far more qualified to take on the position due to her many fans and followers on Twitter and Instagram.

“They interviewed me and Bri two months ago, but chose her,” Mackenzie McKee said last week. “I thought, ‘This can’t be true!’ I was confused.”

Not only does Mackenzie McKee have three children and a number of projects in the pipeline, she also boats a whopping 617,000 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, DeJesus has just 87,000 followers.

“She deleted her social media once, and I helped her get her following back. And here she is on Teen Mom!” Mackenzie McKee explained. “I have worked very hard for where I am. I’m working on all this stuff and what has she done? She’s not working on anything. It sucks the one who has been working harder didn’t get it.”

Mackenzie McKee continued on to Radar Online, revealing that MTV may have selected DeJesus over her due to her lack of baby daddy drama. As fans of the show well know, the majority of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 casts have multiple baby daddies.

“I hope MTV didn’t chose her over me because I am married and have three kids with the same guy. The story on different baby daddies is what people are interested in,” she explained.

Just this year, Chelsea Houska welcomed her second child with a second man and Jenelle Evans welcomed her third child with a third man. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry announced she was pregnant with a third child by a third man weeks later, and the fourth star, Leah Messer, already has three children by two different men.

As for Briana DeJesus, she is currently pregnant with her second child with an unidentified man. Like Lowry, DeJesus confirmed her pregnancy a while back but chose to keep her mystery man a secret from fans.

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After Radar Online shared their interview with Mackenzie McKee, she took to Twitter to deny having anything against her former co-star. Despite the comments, McKee took a stand against the article and mentioned that her statements may have been “fake.” She also said that she and her former co-stars, including Katie Yeager, Alexandria Sekella, and Briana DeJesus, are “sisters.”

In response to Mackenzie McKee’s tweet, Briana DeJesus released a statement of her own in which she made it clear that she was unconcerned with what McKee had to say.

“My one and only comment: I don’t really give a f**k what another person has to say! Still doing me at the end of the day!” she wrote.

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