Son Of Craig Tester, From ‘Curse Of Oak Island,’ Dies, Fans Look For Details

In shocking news today, it has been revealed that Craig Tester’s son, Drake, has passed away. Craig is a huge star of the show Curse of Oak Island. Fans were shocked to hear about Drake’s death and are looking for details. Oak Island Tours went to their Facebook page to share a few details about what is going on, but so far they aren’t saying too much.

Their post shares a bit about what happened to Drake, but not all of the details. Here is what it says so far about his death.

“It is with extreme sadness Oak Island Tours Inc. confirms the passing of Drake Maxwell Tester, younger son of Craig Tester, best-friend and brother of Jack Begley.

“Known for his wonderful smile, infectious laugh and warm hugs, Drake will be missed by many family and friends.

“The Tester family appreciates everyone’s condolences and asks for privacy during this difficult period.”

As of right now, the page is not sharing what happened to Craig Tester’s son, but fans would love to know details. They did share a few pictures of the family. Drake Tester always seemed happy in the pictures with his dad, Craig, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. He was seen on the show Curse of Oak Island several times. If the show comes back again, they could end up sharing some about what happened.

[Image By Oak Island Tours/Facebook]

Fans would love to hear that Curse of Oak Island is coming back for another season, but so far nobody knows for sure. The Inquisitr shared about how things are looking good for Season 5 of Curse of Oak Island, but so far, it has not been confirmed. Producer Kevin Burns shared his thoughts on if the show will be back or not.

“We are not set to come back for another year, take of that what you will. Every year the brothers are very reluctant to agree to do any more. This was always a hard sell for them. They did not approach us. They are not eager television personalities. I think they’re great on TV but they were very wary, which I understand. They were not big reality show people, they didn’t want celebrity, they didn’t want fame. They really didn’t. They’re very humble, particularly Rick. Four or five months a year away from their families and the conditions can be very gruelling, and Marty and Rick are wonderful guys.

“Do I think there’s more of the story to tell beyond this season? Yes. I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story. I think Oak Island has many, many, many stories to tell.”

At this time, there is not very much information out about the passing of Craig Tester’s son. Fans would like to hear more information and are already sending well wishes and prayers to the family. Tributes has an obituary up that might be for him.

“Drake was born on July 17, 2000 and passed away on Sunday, March 26, 2017. Drake was a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time of his passing.”

There is no information about what happened to him. It does sound like his death was unexpected, and the Tester family needs their privacy at this time. Drake will be missed by many.

Are you shocked by the death of Craig Tester’s son from Curse of Oak Island? Do you hope that Curse of Oak Island returns for another season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

Update: Water’s Edge Gymnastics went to their Facebook to share some information about the funeral. It said, “Drake’s Celebration of Life will be Sunday, April 9th at the First Congregational Church in Traverse City. Visitation with family will be 1-2, with the Celebration at 2 pm. His family will invite guests to tell a funny or endearing story of Drake or read a poem….whatever anyone would like to say in his remembrance.”

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