‘iCarly’ Wraps Up After Five Seasons On Nickelodeon

iCarly ran for five years on Nickelodeon and helped launch the career of Miranda Cosgorve, and now the sitcom has come to an end.

Nickelodeon aired a one-hour finale for iCarly on Friday, giving fans and stars of the show a chance to reflect back on its run. As the Los Angeles Times reported, star Jennette McCurdy participated in a video chat with fans on Friday to talk about the show coming to an end.

“It’s become very real because kids keep coming up to me and teenagers and college students who have watched it since they started high school and they almost start crying and they say ‘a part of my childhood is gone’,” McCurdy said of the show’s end. ” … it makes me sad.”

As BuddyTV noted, the finale of iCarly was a treat for devoted fans of the series:

“The finale had little moments for everyone, including an impromptu final installment of the web series with one last tableau of the show’s best recurring sketch, the Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Cowboy’s Mustache Was a Squirrel. There was some nice stuff for the shippers, including a random moment where Freddie and Sam considered dating again and a goodbye kiss on the lips for Freddie from Carly.”

The review added”

“There was also an obvious nod to creator and Nickelodeon mastermind Dan Schneider as Carly checked his actual Twitter page during the final moments of the episode. It was a nice way to include the man responsible for the show and many of Nickelodeons other big hits. Schneider is a bit like the J.J. Abrams of Nickelodeon, developing fascinating and quality shows on a regular basis.”

Though iCarly is gone, fans of the series still have a chance to follow some of the characters. McCurdy is starring in a spinoff called Sam & Cat.