Cuba Gooding Jr. Pulls Up Sarah Paulson’s Skirt On ‘AHS’ Panel At PaleyFest 2017

There was nothing but love from the American Horror Story cast at the PaleyFest 2017 panel on Sunday, but some fans feel like Cuba Gooding Jr. went way too far when he pulled up Sarah Paulson’s skirt on stage during the event. After learning about the on-stage moment during the popular TV festival, the internet has lost its collective mind.

While Ryan Murphy was mysteriously absent from Sunday’s American Horror Story panel at PaleyFest 2017, many of the cast members were there to talk about the upcoming Season 7 and what might happen. There was a bit of concern about whether any AHS spoilers would be shared since Murphy skipped the show, but they did provide a few gems here and there.

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Possibly also due to Ryan Murphy’s absence, the American Horror Story cast seemed to ditch a lot of the questioned volleyed at them during the appearance and instead did a lot of goofing off with each other while fans of the FX anthology hit watched.

If anything, the chemistry between American Horror Story cast members is more than obvious. While on stage, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates seemed to spar with each other. Especially when the possible Season 7 election theme and who would play Donald Trump came up, but shockingly, that wasn’t what has fans and pretty much everyone else talking about the PaleyFest 2017 American Horror Story panel.

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The most controversial moment of the American Horror Story panel happened as Kathy Bates was walking out to the stage, according to a report from E! News. Each of the AHS cast members walked on stage separately, so when Bates stepped out, Sarah Paulson popped up to greet her. Paulson and Bates were standing up, sort of kidding around as thy greeted each other.

Apparently, Cuba Gooding Jr. wanted in on the action or at least wanted some of the spotlight, so he came up behind Paulson and lifted up her skirt. When Sarah Paulson realized that Cuba was behind her, lifting up the purple Prada skirt, she quickly yanked it back down as they all giggled.

It was obvious from watching the clips and looking at pictures from PaleyFest 2017 that Cuba Gooding Jr. was just playing around with Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates in the moment and wasn’t trying to be offensive with his beloved cast mates. Clearly, Sarah wasn’t upset, as she was laughing along with Cuba and Kathy while Denis O’Hare clapped and cheered them on.

Now, many people are slamming Cuba Gooding Jr., calling the stunt “gross” and “disrespectful.” Others have questioned whether lifting Sarah Paulson’s skirt was a pre-planned publicity stunt. While internet users continued to slam the AHS star for his PaleyFest 2017 antics, one Twitter user even questioned if Cuba would be okay with another man pulling up his own daughter’s skirt like that.

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Now, there seems to be an internet debate raging about whether Cuba Gooding Jr. pulling up Sarah Paulson’s skirt at PaleyFest 2017 was completely inappropriate or if it was just a prank pulled in good fun. So far, it looks like there is plenty of outrage over the incident, and many have even called on Cuba to apologize for his “junior high” behavior. Despite all of the outrage and controversy brought on by the AHS panel and their antics, neither Sarah Paulson nor Cuba Gooding Jr. have reached out to comment on the issue of skirt raising at PaleyFest 2017.

Do you think Cuba Gooding Jr. was out of line for playfully pulling up Sarah Paulson’s skirt at PaleyFest? Does he owe his cast mate an apology? Sound off in the comments section below about the latest American Horror Story cast drama.

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