Amber, K-Pop Idol Of f(x), Says SM Entertainment Thinks She’s ‘Not Good Enough’

On December 30 last year just before the new year rang in, many K-pop fans who identify themselves as E.L.F. or Super Junior fans were heavily concerned when Henry Lau, better known simply as Henry, started to express his frustration towards SM Entertainment. He uploaded a post, which was eventually taken down, in which he talks about being frustrated with SM Entertainment and how they don’t listen to him. In the first comment after the post went live, he wrote a plea to E.L.F. asking them to convey his feelings to them as SM Entertainment might listen to their fans if not Henry himself.

We do not know exactly why Henry is frustrated with SM Entertainment and we haven’t heard if the situation between the two parties has improved since. K-pop fans do hope an understanding was met, though, and such a situation never happens again. Sadly, that will not be so as Amber started to express her frustrations with SM Entertainment, the K-pop idol of f(x) said that her label and agency thinks that she’s “not good enough.”

Concern for Amber J. Liu, better known simply by her first name, began to accumulate about two weeks ago when she posted a cryptic message on her official Instagram account, as attached above. As we can see, it is a blank black photo with a very unnerving message written in the caption, one that is very similar to Henry Lau back in December. From what we can discern, Amber is doing a lot of things on her own to “keep herself afloat.” This can also be taken that SM Entertainment isn’t providing any possible outlook furthering her solo career.

This comes off as a surprise as Amber’s solo career has been promising in both music and television. Pertaining to the former, she released a very entertaining debut extended play (EP) titled Beautiful. The title track song “Shake That Brass” is very catchy. Not to mention, the music video is fun to watch as it features numerous other Hallyu stars who are Amber’s friends.

Pertaining to the latter, Amber has been very entertaining to watch in K-variety shows. She was fun to watch in Invincible Youth and she took on the task of hosting duties on numerous K-pop music competition shows including Show Champion alongside Eunjung of T-ara.

Anyways, K-pop fans — especially those who are MeU, which is the official fan club of f(x) — would be concerned for Amber for the following two weeks. Like we stated, we don’t know why Amber is upset with SM Entertainment and the aforementioned is just an analyzed hypothesis. Now we know what specifically made Amber upset with SM Entertainment. They don’t think she’s “good enough.”

Amber made such known in a second post uploaded to her official Instagram. She talks about working on her own songs, albums, producing, directing, editing, and literally doing everything she can to keep her fans interested when SM Entertainment is not, well, promoting her. Apparently, all that she’s done is not good enough to them and it has finally hurt Amber enough to let the cat out of the bag.

In the end, many K-pop fans hope that the situation between Amber and SM Entertainment is resolved. But given the fact how SM Entertainment has a track record of “hurting their talent” like Kris, Lu Han, and Tao of EXO, Jessica Jung formerly of Girls’ Generation, and many others, the chances of anything being resolved seem slim. As a matter of fact, many K-pop fans are wondering when Amber leaves SM Entertainment.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/f(x)’s Official Daum Cafe]

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