The ‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Could Be Coming in 2017, Cast Has Scripts

Rumor has it that a Downton Abbey movie script does exist and it was sent to several cast members, but in true cloak-and-dagger style, sources say it mysteriously disappeared. And even with several new series, like Netflix’s The Crown and Victoria, Downton Abbey fans are holding on to any word that Julian Fellowes is moving along with a Downton Abbey movie.

Downton Abbey enthusiasts not only got a taste of the English costume drama with the Netflix series The Crown, but they will also get to see some of the Downton Abbey cast in coming seasons, reports the Inquisitr. In particular, actor Matthew Goode, who played Lady Mary’s second husband, Henry Talbot, will be in Season 2 of The Crown as Anthony Armstrong-Jones, the future husband of Princess Margaret. Word is that there will be other Downton Abbey actors in future seasons.

Fans of Downton Abbey have been hanging on every hint that there might be a Downton Abbey movie or even a series prequel, and now there is word from a cast member that there actually is a script for a Downton Abbey movie. Actor Jeremy Swift, who plays Septimus Spratt, Lady Violet’s butler, has the buzz for fans.


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Swift says that the Downton Abbey movie is supposed to begin production this year, but all the details have not been “locked down.”

“It’s supposed to be happening – filming – this year, but it hasn’t been locked down yet. It’s just getting everybody in that same space and time. I think there’s a huge appetite for it.”

But Swift says that the level of paranoia surrounding a Downton Abbey movie caused the parties who sent the script to do it in a way that after opening, the script would disappear.

“There is a film script that we’ve all been sent but it disappeared in a Mission Impossible style from our emails. With a little puff.”

But Carnival Films, the company that produces Downton Abbey, says this might be because a Downton Abbey movie is not yet a done deal.

“There are still no firm plans about when a film might go into production. When the future plans are certain we will of course make an announcement at the relevant time.”

But BBC News is still saying that a Downton Abbey movie remains a possibility — and even a probability — but it’s not definite project for 2017. But the problem is not a desire to make the movie, but rather organizing all of the actors and getting them in one place at one time. The whole Downton Abbey cast had to find new work as the series ended, so it’s the logistics that are getting in the way of locking the project down.

Just last year, series creator Julian Fellowes said he had already started working on a script for a Downton Abbey movie so that he didn’t get “caught on the hop” as soon as the project got the green light.

Downton Abbey just received a special award, as it is one of the few shows that was seen in 250 territories worldwide.

Are your excited about the prospect of a Downton Abbey movie? Do you think it will be made in 2017?

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