WWE News: Mick Foley’s Role at ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Revealed, Moving to SmackDown?

Mick Foley may have been fired as Raw’s General Manager this week, but WWE may also have big plans for him at Wrestlemania 33 and after the grandest stage of them all. The tension has been building between the WWE Hall of Famer and Stephanie McMahon for months, but everything exploded last week. Foley ended up attacking Triple H, which cost him his job. However, The Hardcore Legend may not just disappear from WWE television. In fact, Mick Foley could have an important role to play on the grandest stage of them all.

It was reported awhile back that Mick Foley would be written off WWE television after Wrestlemania 33. At the moment, Kurt Angle is the rumored favorite to replace him as Raw’s General Manager. Foley agreed that Angle would be a strong choice. If that turns out to be the case, he would likely begin the new role the night after Wrestlemania. The WWE Universe will be thrilled about that, but what’s next for Mick Foley in WWE.

The partnership between Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon was always going to end badly. It would have lasted longer if the former wasn’t in need of major hip surgery. Behind the scenes, that’s the real reason why Foley has been written off WWE television. However, it could cause WWE officials to do something creative with him in Orlando next weekend. After he heals from his surgery, a move to Tuesday nights could happen.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H is Still Happening at Wrestlemania 33
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Stephanie McMahon fired Mick Foley less than two weeks before the grandest stage of them all. Since then, she and HHH have been smug about firing the WWE legend. Obviously, the intention is to gain the couple some more heel heat by firing a WWE legend heading into Wrestlemania. It seems unlikely “The Authority” will get the last laugh. With the match against Seth Rollins happening, Foley’s retribution could be coming.

It’s being rumored that Mick Foley could be getting involved in the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H at Wrestlemania. Apparently, his hip surgery won’t be until after Wrestlemania. A run-in to help Seth and cost HHH the match would be the proper ending to Foley’s run with WWE and the final Wrestlemania moment for Foley to ride off into the sunset, especially if it’s the last time we see him inside a WWE ring.

However, it’s likely we will see the WWE Hall of Famer inside the squared circle for WWE again, but it just may not be for a bigger on-screen role like the General Manager of Raw. Having said that, his surgery will keep him at home for some time, but could a possible move to SmackDown Live happen at some point?

Daniel Bryan May Be Fired By Shane McMahon Soon
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In the past, Mick Foley has taken shots at SmackDown, Daniel Bryan, and Shane McMahon. At the time, he was firmly on Team Raw, which adds more weight to the fact that Foley did his best to work with Stephanie, and makes his departure more sympathetic. Shane McMahon hiring Foley after Wrestlemania and after his surgery recovery is over could be a good way to bring him back on WWE television as a diss towards Raw.

It was reported that Shane McMahon could be put into a situation where he’s forced to fire Daniel Bryan in the near future because he’ll need to take a hiatus from WWE television after the birth of his child with Brie Bella. Shane may not have to “fire” Daniel, but he could take a leap of absence. In that situation, Mick Foley returning to SmackDown is a possibility. For now, the WWE Universe have to wait and see what happens.

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