‘One Step’ K-Movie To Debut In April Starring Sandara Park Of 2NE1 In First Lead


The last year has been very hectic for Sandara Park. Known among K-pop fans — especially those who are Blackjacks (official fan club of 2NE1) — as Dara, the former member of 2NE1 first suffered losing one of her members during contract negotiations when Minzy decided to leave both the groundbreaking girl group and YG Entertainment, and she suffered once more when it was officially announced that 2NE1 would officially disband after falling to the fabled “seven year curse.”

Still, Sandara Park had to keep moving forward with her career in which she is now working solo under YG Entertainment after renewing her contract. Her first performance was actually on a Filipino music competition show, Pinoy Boyband Superstar, where she is one of their judges. Now Sandara is returning to acting as she plays the lead in the upcoming K-movie One Step which releases this coming month. It is also the first time she plays the lead in a K-movie too.

‘One Step’ is an upcoming K-movie starring Sandara Park formerly of 2NE1 and Han Jae Suk. This will be Sandara’s first lead in a movie. [Image by FINECUT]

News of Sandara Park’s first lead role in a K-movie was first made known on Korean news outlets like BNT News and the Korean extension of K-Pop Herald. According to their reports, Sandara plays Si Hyun, a girl who has lost all her memories in an accident. She meets Ji Il, who is played by Han Jae Suk, a genius composer who cannot write music anymore for some reason. The movie will follow the two as they recover what they lost. In the K-movie’s poster (as shown above), another character will be played by Jo dong named Woo Hyuk, a guitarist who is in love with Si Hyun and a pillar of support for her.

We also know that One Step‘s original soundtrack will be taken care of by music director Kim Soo Jin. For those who don’t know, Soo Jin is responsible for working on productions like Behind the White Tower, The Great Queen Seon Deok, Sign, and Six Flying Dragons.

Right now, the cast and crew are working on pre-release promotions for One Step. According to Korean news outlets Naver and Xports News, the K-movie’s director, Jeon Jae Hong, praised Sandara Park for her performance.

“I think she’s the greatest rookie actress I’ve seen. Though she started her career as a singer, she always came with her lines perfectly memorized and she barely made any mistakes. I can only remember one blooper from her. We only used one camera to film this movie and that’s not easy for an actor, but she did well. In my opinion, I think she should keep acting over singing [if she had to choose one].”

To further push promotions for One Step, it is rumored that Sandara Park along with Han Jae Suk will be on an upcoming episode of the popular K-variety show Running Man. She hinted on her appearance through an update on her Instagram in which she utilized the emoticon for “running,” the female symbol, and a fist which translates to “Running Woman, Fighting!”

Before her role in One Step, Sandara Park has played numerous roles in both Filipino and Korean television and movies going as far back as 2004. Her last lead acting role was playing Ri Yeon Hwa in the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) web drama Missing Korea. On a personal note, Sandara was a trooper being filmed as a beauty queen who farts like a cannon fired.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment/Screen Capture of “Fire (Space Version)” M/V]

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