WWE News: Goldberg’s WWE Future Revealed, Will Retire After ‘Wrestlemania 33’?

Will Goldberg officially retire after Wrestlemania 33, or will his comeback with WWE continue? As of this writing, the expectation is that he will lose to Brock Lesnar on the grandest stage of them all, drop the WWE Universal Championship to The Beast, and then hang up his boots for good. Goldberg’s WWE comeback has exceeded the expectations of WWE officials and the fans. He may not want to risk overstaying his welcome.

Originally, Goldberg was only supposed to come back for one match against Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series, but Vince McMahon had a change of heart and his run was extended. Four months later, Goldberg is the WWE Universal Champion heading into Wrestlemania 33. His comeback has been far from perfect, but the fans asked for Goldberg and they got him. However, the WWE Universe may have had enough of him.

Goldberg’s WWE Universal Title win has created a lot of backlash against him and WWE. The main reason why is that he was booked to defeat Kevin Owens for the title in 22 seconds. It was done that way to protect him until Wrestlemania, but it has upset many fans and his run is reaching its expiration date. In that case, his run ending in Orlando is likely a good thing, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Bill Goldberg.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg is Expected to Be a Very Short Match
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Right now, Goldberg’s contract with WWE will expire after Wrestlemania 33. There is a really good chance the match with Lesnar in Orlando will be the last of his wrestling career. If that’s the case, he will likely have a farewell speech the next night on Raw, which would be a great moment. However, it’s being reported that WWE officials thought he had a good run over the past six months and he could return to WWE television.

Eventually, Bill Goldberg will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He’ll likely be featured on the WWE Network and represent the company in the future. An appearance here or there on WWE television isn’t out of the question either. However, it seems the door is being kept open for Goldberg to have more matches in WWE if the opportunity arises. Depending on how his upcoming match with Brock goes in a few weeks, he may need to take some time away, but WWE Summerslam and Wrestlemania 34 aren’t out of the question.

Goldberg’s comeback was always intended to be a short-term run. It lasted roughly five months longer than WWE officials intended, but he could still work more matches here and there if the timing is right. There are some dream matches the WWE fans would love to see, so there is still a lot of money on the table for WWE.

Goldberg Will Likely Be a WWE Hall of Famer Next Year
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Obviously, Goldberg isn’t getting any younger. Eventually, he would have to wrestle some matches that are longer than only a few minutes. That’s the reason why he’s rubbing the WWE Universe the wrong way. More matches after Wrestlemania 33 may not be the best idea, but anything can happen in WWE. Goldberg has every right to call it a career after his match with Lesnar in Orlando, but who knows what the future holds.

No matter what happens after Wrestlemania 33, Bill Goldberg can hang up his boots on a better note than the one he left after Wrestlemania 20. Considering what happened in Madison Square Garden 12 years ago, Goldberg’s final run with WWE has been about redemption. Hopefully, he will be able to end his career on a positive note in Orlando if that’s what he wants. However, the door will remain open for him in WWE.

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