Snoop Dogg Bashes Donald Trump In His Controversial Song ‘BadBadNotGood’

Famous rapper Snoop Dogg is renowned for not only his drug life and massive tolerance to weed, but also for his critical abilities focusing on the real problems of U.S society. Recently, Snoop Dogg couldn’t handle it and released a highly controversial video that has gone viral. The song is titled “BadBadNotGood.” It represents the current dilemma that every citizen across the U.S confronts and aims to amalgamate the voice of people who have been allegedly left out of the country’s decision-making.

Snoop Dogg happens to be one of the most critical artists against the president of the United States, Donald Trump. A few days before the presidential inauguration, the musician threatened to “crush” any black artist who was willing to participate in the event.

“Which one of you f**king n***as is going to do it? I’ll crush you if you do, Uncle Tom’s blacks,” he said in a message on social media.

A controversial leap forward in his criticisms of the president was the release of a music video in which he shoots a Donald Trump lookalike with his hands up and his face painted a clown. Without further ado, let’s delve into the video.

“I see a lot of people posting ‘cool’ records, they have fun, they live the party, but nobody really cares about the real problem we have with this… clown as president,” Snoop Dogg told Billboard.

In the video published this Monday, most of the actors are made up as sinister clowns. One of them clearly imitates Trump with a blonde wig, tanned skin, and a wide red tie. He appears in front of a building similar to the White House, but here it’s called the Clown House.

The story begins in a city of clowns where a person called Ronald Klump appears wearing a wide red tie, orange cap, and a dark suit. The video features Ronald Klump — a clear parody of President Trump — on the television, giving a press conference from the Clown House.

At the end, Ronald Klump raises his arms as if he had been arrested by Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg characterized President Donald Trump as a clown whom the rapper ends up shooting in the head with a toy gun that releases a pennant with the word “BANG” written at.

According to what Snoop Dogg told Billboard, his idea in making this video “was not to make a controversial but real song – real for… people who have no voice.”

Trump, always active on social media, rhetorically wondered what would have happened if Snoop Dogg had “fired” a gun at Obama instead of him, concluding the tweet with a resounding “jail time!”

Senator Marco Rubio, one of the few members of the Republican party who has declared himself a hip-hop fan, also criticized the clip, recalling that “there have been presidents who in the past have been killed in this country.”

“If a bad person saw this and had a bad idea, we could have a real problem. I do not know what Snoop thought,” the Florida senator told TMZ.

The video clip, directed by Jesse Wellens, also touches on the racial issues that have rocked the country in recent years, referring to the case of Philando Castile, the young African American from Minnesota who was shot dead by a police officer in his vehicle in front of his girlfriend.

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