Megyn Kelly Not Fired By NBC As Rumors Spread Across Social Media [Debunked]

Rumors have spread across social media that Megyn Kelly was fired by NBC before she even started working for the network. The 46-year-old journalist left the Fox News Channel in search of new career opportunities at NBC that would allow her to have several broadcasting projects.

Last week Twitter had several users confused when news popped up that Megyn Kelly had been fired by NBC and replaced by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It took a while for the story to get straightened out, but it turns out the rumors originated as fake news.

According to Snopes, a made up NBC executive was quoted as saying Hasselbeck was Kelly’s replacement. A fake news report published that fake “NBC Universal CEO Maxwell Seawald” issued the quote below.

“Elisabeth was thrilled to take over the afternoon slot Kelly was fired from. She’s perfectly happy to be our version of Kelly Ripa and shows no interest in being taken seriously. Since her time as the cute pigtailed girl on Survivor she’s always loved being an entertainer. Her time on Fox sealed that. She was the eye candy on the couch at Fox and Friends and she’ll do very nicely in the same role on Elisabeth.”

Snopes indicates that is the site which claimed Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC and replaced by Elisabeth Hasselbeck. It busts the rumor by further informing readers that there’s a “buried disclaimer on its ‘About’ page stating that it is a satirical web site, and that information it publishes is thus not reliable.”

The same site has also alleged that Fox News’ Shepard Smith has been fired, but that’s also a lie.

As NBC has announced, Megyn Kelly will anchor a one-hour morning program, host a daily talk show, and helm a Sunday evening news magazine. She’ll also cover breaking news and political events.

“As part of the multi-year agreement, Kelly will also anchor a new Sunday evening news magazine show and will become an important contributor to NBC’s breaking news coverage as well as the network’s political and special events coverage.”

Kelly won’t debut on NBC television until fall 2017. In the meantime, she’s enjoying quality time with her two sons and daughter. In an interview with Closer, Megyn shared how fulfilling it is for her to be the one tucking the kids in at night. She was recently spotted with her children on a shopping trip at Michael’s to buy school craft supplies.

The destructiveness of fake news has become an epidemic with bogus claims spreading across social media and the internet. President Donald Trump has called attention to fake news, even openly chastising CNN as being a source of it. In the comments sections of countless articles, readers will often lash out at material they don’t agree with or find difficult to believe by branding it as “fake news.”

Fans of Megyn can rest assured that she hasn’t been fired by NBC. The network is happy to have someone of her caliber on their team.

NBC News Group chairman Andrew Lack raved about the hiring of Megyn, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“Megyn Kelly is a serious journalist and her work on Fox [News] commanded attention because of who she was interviewing, how she was interviewing them and what she was getting from them every night on television. She’s popular. That commands star-like coverage — because of her work.”

Are you relieved to hear that Megyn Kelly wasn’t fired by NBC?

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