All ‘Destiny’ Old Raids Will Be Upgraded For ‘Age Of Triumph’ With Tweaks, Loot

Bungie threw back the cover Wednesday on what is coming to the Destiny’s Age of Triumph update at the end of March. A Twitch livestream revealed all raids will be brought forward to the game’s current levels and gave a peek at the new record book with new milestones and rewards.

The Age of Triumph update will land Tuesday, March 28 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This will be the final event in Destiny prior to the sequel launching later this fall. While it also features another record book to obtain like past updates, it is also bringing forward all the older raids prior to the Rise of Iron expansion with “director’s cut” versions.

Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, and King’s Fall will all receive new 390 Light versions with special tweaks. For example, the former two will receive challenge modes along with slight tweaks to the gameplay. This includes what is described as “essential fixes” to Crota’s End. There was also mention of the Oracles section of Vault of Glass being shortened slightly. Some of these changes will carry over to the “normal” mode for these raids.

A new weekly Featured Raid playlist will be added to the Destiny map director. This will activate all the challenges in the featured raid along with unique rewards like Age of Triumph ornaments, ghosts, and sparrows.

The Featured Raid will take place in Crota’s End for the first week followed by Vault of Glass in week two and King’s Fall during the third week. Wrath of the Machine will complete the rotation for the fourth week.

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While the King’s Fall raid already has challenges, Bungie has added more to it. There will be new item rewards, for example, plus new armor with an additional ornament slot and new ornaments to obtain. The developer also said veteran players will “experience new things” and other discoveries.

As previously covered, older raid weapons like Fatebringer will return. Bungie did confirm the elemental primaries like the hand cannon and Vex Mythoclast will be re-introduced to Destiny with this last update to the game. More details will be shared in one of the future live streams.

Meanwhile, the Age of Triumph record book was also covered in detail. There are 12 pages of milestones to unlock, with each page containing its own theme. The first page contains the record book progress unlocks followed by pages for Commemoration, Story, each of the three sub-classes, the Crucible, Raids, Collections, Wanderer, Allegiances, and Trials of Osiris.

There are seven experience ranks for players to earn unlock rewards. The first six are emblems and the seventh is a special offer to purchase a t-shirt from the Bungie Store.

Some milestones will unlock automatically for players as Destiny records and rewards previous progress in the game. Other milestones start from the moment Age of Triumph is released. For example, the Commemoration page will reward those who have completed activities from the first year, second year, and more. Meanwhile, there is a Nightfall milestone that challenges players to complete a Nightfall Strike in 30 minutes or less.

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The Crucible milestones will be just for that PVP activity and will not include Trials of Osiris, which gets a separate page and includes a retroactive milestone for those that have already achieved the Lighthouse.

The Collections page for the collectors in Destiny. Those who obtain every ship, shader, Grimoire, etc. These are only the items that are obtainable in the game currently either from vendors, kiosks, or activities.

The Wanderer page is for those that find things like Dead Ghosts and SIVA. There’s even a callout to the classic loot cave from the Destiny launch.

Allegiances are for players who have earned reputation with the various in-game factions. It will require reaching reputation rank 25, but is retroactive at the time Age of Triumph launches.

It’s not required for players to earn every milestone on each page to retrieve the reward for the eighth cumulative milestone. It will take approximately 75 percent of all milestones to unlock all the awards.

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