Tom Hiddleston And Mary Berry Throw Down Over Bolognese Faux Pas [Recipe]

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Mar. 7 2017, Updated 1:04 p.m. ET

You are not alone if you photograph your culinary masterpieces for Instagram or Facebook. Celebrities do it too, and there is one meal that has turned Great Britain upside down. It’s all about bolognese, a rich meat sauce that is the indulgence of pasta lovers everywhere. Now, everyone has their own twist on the Italian recipe, but there are some basic things that make the sauce bolognese. Recently, two British celebs, actor Tom Hiddleston and British food writer Mary Berry who is best known as the host of the Great British Bake-Off, shared their Bolognese recipes, and Hiddleston came out ahead.

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Now, this food and wine enthusiasm is not just limited to British celebrities, as Americans, such as singer and actor John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen, are huge foodies, reports the Inquisitr. Last year, John Legend organized a world tour that included platinum-level travel, behind-the-scenes touring, and some of the best food and wine in Europe and North America.

But with Tom Hiddleston and Mary Berry (think the U.K.’s Martha Stewart) both sharing their bolognese recipes, and Hiddleston’s being embraced while Berry’s was questioned, the internet and media went wild, according to Vanity Fair. Tom Hiddleston’s bolognese recipe is more traditional, it’s fairly easy, and it’s supposedly delicious, while Mary Berry’s recipe is, well, odd.


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Tom goes with beef, bacon, veg, red wine, and “tinned tomatoes” and tosses everything in a Dutch oven on the stove top, and then finishes it off in the oven. It’s traditional, it’s Italian, and it lets the roasting, low and slow, do the work. So what is wrong with Mary Berry’s Bolognese? Well, she uses red currant jam, white wine, and heavy cream. Oh, the horror!

Tom Hiddleston made his bolognese for Taffy Brodesser-Akner of GQ, and she was impressed (though most women would gladly embrace Hiddleston making them a pasta dinner).

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“It’s amazing Bolognese, the most incredible Bolognese you’ve ever had. You think you’ve had great Bolognese? Try Tom Hiddleston’s Bolognese before you continue to talk about great Bologneses you’ve had in your life.”

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According to Brodesser-Akner, it was incredible. But poor Mary Berry — one follower said after reading Berry’s recipe, she was “appalled.”

Now perhaps Mary Berry’s bolognese might not be traditional, but she certainly knows her way around a pie crust, so maybe take a leap of faith and try something new, says the Telegraph. Berry was on BBC2, making her bolognese, when she told viewers to throw in “red or white wine, whatever you have on hand. I really prefer white.” Then, instead of the traditional milk, she poured in double cream (heavy cream or whipping cream in the U.S.).

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All over the U.K., people lost it, but one guy took to Twitter to suggest that maybe they should allow Mary Berry to lead them in their own direction, to heck with Italy.

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“It was a Brexit Bolognese. We don’t need the Italians to tell us how to cook any more. We’ve taken back control of pasta dishes.

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Others suggested that Berry might be drinking gin, they supposed, while others said they were shocked, appalled, and gasped.

What do you think about the Tom Hiddleston/Mary Berry Bolognese scandal? Are you #TeamHiddleston or #TeamMaryBerry?

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