‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Father Pleads For Funds To Fight For Primary Custody

The estranged father of television personality Danielle Bregoli, the “Cash Me Outside” girl, has asked the public to assist him in reining the troubled teen back from the brink of disaster.

A GoFundMe page attributed to one Ira Peskowitz, a Palm Beach County patrolman, notes its creator as being the father of the 13-year-old double Dr. Phil wild-child guest participant who, in part, gained public notoriety through an incidental catch phrase that was meant as a response to the judgmental studio audience during her September 2016 appearance.

“I’m reaching out to the world, humbly, as a father that was estranged from my daughter as a result of parental alienation,” the crowdfunding post begins, as Elite Daily notes.

“I have always taken care of her financially but was denied the opportunity to truly be a present parent and influence her life.”

Entertainment site TMZ adds that Peskowitz and Danielle’s mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, have been in the midst of a reported long-going custody battle over the “Cash Me Outside” girl that first stemmed with their early-2000s separation. Danielle was said to have been close to 2 years old at the time of the split, with the couple going on to finalize the divorce sometime after their legal separation.

Now looking to rectify the emotional collateral damage incurred by Danielle from the end of the marriage, Mr. Peskowitz, a man Elite Daily has noted as being, “a sheriff’s deputy [and an] associate professor and founder of the Kids and Police Tennis Association” of Palm Beach, FL., has taken to GoFundMe with hopes of raising enough money to help cover his continued legal fight against Ms. Bregoli and in turn, forge a new start with Danielle by way of a potential full-custody win.

“I’m asking for help with covering fees associated with legal expenses,” Mr. Peskowitz implores, “to get her the proper help she needs to have a happy and healthy life in a stable home with a strong positive future.”

Despite his seemingly well-meaning wish, however, the “Cash Me Outside” girl has since fired back with claims that her father’s true intentions may be monetarily based.

A man claiming to be the father of Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. the “Cash Me Outside” girl, has asked the public to support his custody battle. [Image by CBS Television Distribution]

“Sources connected to Danielle tell us she finds it absurd [that] her [father] is trying to weasel his way back into her life after years of being an absentee dad,” TMZ alleges.

“We’re told [that] Danielle thinks it’s just a money grab [or] an attempt to get back in her life because she’s now commanding $30k in appearance fees.”

The post goes on to reveal that the “Cash Me Outside” girl has also been fielding offers from the world of television, with heads of several reality productions meeting with Danielle and her mother to talk about conceiving a future series based on their everyday lives — something that could bode well for a possible story line involving the emotional return of an absentee dad.

Although unable to response to the most recent development, the “Cash Me Outside” teen’s father at least seemed to imply that his motives to reenter his daughter’s life were pure during an interview with the Palm Beach Post in early February.

“I did not abandon my daughter,” he relayed to the interviewer.

“Danielle feels rejected by me, that poor girl [but] I did not abandon her. I left her mother, but I did not abandon her. I know there is a little girl [still] in there, and I hope one day she can hug me and say, ‘I love you, Daddy.'”

Since being posted, the “Cash Me Outside” girl’s father has raised nearly $2,500 of his $50,000 GoFundMe goal. Ms. Bregoli, Danielle’s mother, has yet to publicly comment on the crowdfunding matter.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Instagram]

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