‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Jackson Declares War On Catherine And Minnick

Jackson Avery has had enough of the trouble at the hospital in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. The latest sneak peek of the upcoming episode this week shows that he is now declaring war on those involved, including his own mother, Catherine.

Fans have watched the nightmare unfold at Grey Sloan Memorial over the last couple of months. After pushing Bailey into making a decision about Alex Karev due to his legal problem, Catherine decided that it wasn’t the doctors’ at fault; it was the way they had been taught. Within an episode, she and Bailey had brought in a new residency director, Eliza Minnick, and pushed Richard Webber out.

Needless to say, the hospital staff and Grey’s Anatomy fans were not impressed. Instantly taking a disliking to Minnick, fans and many of the hospital attendings rallied around Webber, calling for his reinstatement. There have been many questions from the fans, including how Catherine has such a say in who is hired into the hospital. Surely that should have been up to the board?

The sneak peek for this week’s episode, “Civil War,” starts to explain some of the politics. It turns out that Catherine may have overstepped her mark after all. As many fans have agreed, Jackson is the voice for the Avery Foundation at the hospital, not Catherine. While she can make suggestions, along with the rest of the foundation, he is the one that has the deciding vote in the hospital.

It wouldn’t be the first time Jackson has done something against the Avery Foundation on Grey’s Anatomy. Shortly after taking over the board, he went against wishes and kept Owen Hunt as the chief of surgery. He also renamed the hospital from Seattle Mercy Grace to Grey Sloan Memorial, in memory of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey – the two deaths in the plane crash that made buying the hospital possible.

However, keeping Hunt on as the chief of surgery is small compared to the current situation. Webber being demoted has led to civil war in the hospital. The residents are mostly siding with Minnick, while many of the attendings are putting their jobs at risk by refusing to work with her. When Grey was suspended, it was a wakeup call that they couldn’t keep doing this. They also learned that one of their lead supporters was a turncoat, as April took the job of Interim Chief of General Surgery.

The Christian Post says that Catherine won’t have any power over Jackson in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, but that might not be true. Jackson going up against his mother could lead to the Avery Foundation making a few changes. It is possible that Catherine, as the head of the foundation, finds someone to replace him on the board. It will be interesting to see if this is possible. Would the board need to vote in a new member from the Avery Foundation in the same way that the board voted for Bailey to take Cristina’s place despite her giving her seat to Alex?

While all this plays out, Meredith’s storyline with Riggs will appear again – after a month or so of it not being mentioned. The trailer hints that Alex notices a few things going on between Riggs and Meredith, and he encourages her to choose whether to be with him or not. Will she finally decide to choose Riggs over her sisterly relationship with Maggie?

Grey’s Anatomy will return this week after a one week break due to the When We Rise special last week. Fans will finally get to see Jackson stand up against his mother, who he blames for all the trouble currently going on in the hospital.

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