Jenelle Evans Throws A Tantrum About Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ With Mom Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans is one of the most controversial Teen Mom franchise stars. She signed custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mom several years ago. He was the child who garnered her the fame from 16 & Pregnant as well as the one she didn’t want to raise because she was too busy partying.

Fast forward to the present time and Evans is ready to be a mom to all three of her children, including Jace. Barbara Evans has been raising her grandson for years and is now wrapped up in a custody battle with Jenelle over him. The two can’t seem to get along, and unless things change, it doesn’t look good for the future.

Last night, Jenelle Evans threw a fit about filming with Barbara Evans. This all started over a misunderstanding during a phone call about when and where to pick up Jace, and it escalated very quickly. Evans has been trying to prove she is a fit parent for Jace, and in the middle of trying to showcase her changes, she lost it on her mom while the Teen Mom 2 cameras were rolling.

Taking responsibility for her part in the breakdown of the mother-daughter relationship is not something she is willing to do. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle Evans still blames Barbara and mentioned something about the texts between the two of them being evidence of how mean her mom is to her.

Right now, Jenelle Evans is fighting her mom in court for Jace to be returned to her. Nothing has actually been done up until this point except depositions, but the judge has yet to actually hear the case. Last week, Evans was supposed to appear on the Teen Mom 2 live aftershow, but she refused to participate because her mother was also scheduled as a guest. Barbara Evans attended the taping and answered the questions she was asked. Jenelle remained pouting in the hotel room and received some backlash for her actions.

In fact, Teen Mom 2 fans called her out for leaving her newborn daughter back home while she traveled to California for the taping of the live show. When she didn’t show up, there was even more mud slung in her direction. She had extended her stay to appear on the final live show, which aired last night, and she was a no-show once again. Evans had apparently decided to go back home after all of the criticism happened when she didn’t appear as scheduled the first time.

So much has happened between Jenelle Evans and her mom over the last eight years, and most of it has been caught on camera. Barbara Evans alleges that her daughter’s boyfriend is controlling and is sometimes the cause of things that happen between them. Nothing has been shown that would indicate David Eason is controlling of Jenelle or making her do things against her will, but Barbara is insisting that it happens.

Last summer, things seemed to be going well for the mother-and-daughter duo when they reconnected and spent time together as a family. Since Jenelle’s third child was born this past January, her relationship with her mom has been strained at best. It was revealed that Barbara was kicked out of the hospital room when Ensley was born.

Teen Mom 2 will continue filming both Barbara and Jenelle Evans, even if they choose not to film together. Things may not be ideal for the mother and daughter, but they both have to work together to figure out what is best for Jace. While Jenelle Evans has come a long way since appearing on 16 & Pregnant, there are still some things that need to be worked out.

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