‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Rumors: Joseline And Stevie J, K. Michelle Slams Cast

The ratchetry has returned, and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is back on VH1. And the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors suggest that the ladies are just as filled with drama as they ever were. Whether they’re crying to, and about, their baby daddy, they’re slamming the cast, or they’re dealing with cheating dog husbands, the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors suggest that the drama — and the struggle — continues to be real.

First, according to the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors from the official VH1 blog, Joseline was the first to bring the drama. When we first saw her, she was crying to and about Stevie J, claiming that she would never lie about who her baby daddy is.

“Since Joseline has been pregnant, Stevie hasn’t been there for her the majority of the pregnancy, which pushed her to serve Stevie with court papers. He explains that the only reason he’s been a ghost is because he’s been seeing Joseline running around with other dudes in the blogs, not to mention the fact that she’s said some really harsh things about Stevie and Mimi on social media. Joseline tells Stevie that the only reason she had him served was to give him a wake up call. She invites Stevie to her baby shower and breaks down because she’s offended that Stevie would even question the paternity in the first place.”

Meanwhile, the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors from Hollywood Life suggest that Kirk Frost, and his wife Rasheeda, have their hands full with new baby mama drama!

It turns out that Kirk cheated on Rasheeda with Jasmine Washington, and a baby was conceived as a result of that cheating. Needless to say, things didn’t go over well when the word got back to Rasheeda.

“During Joseline’s masquerade party, Karlie decided to drop by and spy on her man Joc by wearing a mask, but she discovers something much worse. She notices him talking to a woman by the bar (Jasmine Washington). She begins hitting Jasmine with several tough questions to find out more about her. When Karlie asks Jasmine how she had a baby recently while her man was away, Jasmine responds by saying it’s Kirk’s love child. Yes, you read that correctly. Jasmine tries to play it cool still, claiming, “I know he hasn’t told his wife and his baby.” Kirk goes and tells Rasheeda it’s all lies immediately, so she can first hear it from him, but he looks awfully suspicious while dripping sweat! He claims he’s only known Jasmine from a “strip club,” and we’re sure Rasheeda’s going to get to the bottom of this scandal.”

Finally, the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors from Bustle suggest that a former cast member, K. Michelle, has a lot to say about the show that made her famous, and none of it is good.

The outlet recently spoke to K. Michelle, and she wasted no time in slamming the show with everything she had.

“On Instagram last May, K. Michelle commented on a photo of herself performing with Patti LaBelle in order to celebrate the diva’s birthday, saying “Never going back again. Not for all the money in the world!” when asked whether or not she’ll be returning for more L&HHATL.”

K. Michelle also said that she was done with reality TV after 2017, as well.

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[Featured Image by VH1]