Gwen Stefani Allegedly Insecure Over Blake Shelton, ‘Calls Out’ Miranda Lambert

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been together for more than a year, but a new report claims that Gwen is feeling “insecure” about Blake. And when it comes to the country music king’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert, who recently released a new album, Stefani reportedly has targeted Lambert, even allegedly going so far as to “call out” Miranda in new songs.

Shelton and Lambert allegedly reconnected recently at an event in Nashville, according to En Stars, which quoted a source’s description of what took place between Miranda and her ex-husband. Initially focused on making “polite conversation,” Lambert reportedly soon found herself listening to Blake “pouring his heart out” about how much he missed her, according to the source.

Blake Shelton reportedly reunited with Miranda Lambert. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

The insider also shared Shelton’s alleged confession to Miranda.

“Blake said he’s been carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and guilt since they divorced.”

As for the location of Stefani during this reunion involving Lambert, she was thousands of miles away, according to the source, who predicted that Gwen would be upset if and when she learned about the incident. But it’s not clear if she did discover the alleged depth of the conversation because the insider also claimed that Shelton didn’t tell his girlfriend the truth about Miranda.

Instead, the country music king allegedly told Stefani that he “avoided” Lambert and “didn’t speak to her at all.” However, the source had additional insights about the potential bombshell.

“When Gwen finds out she’ll go nuts,” said the insider. “Gwen has always been insecure and jealous over Blake’s womanizing ways.”

Moreover, the source contended that Shelton’s reunion with Miranda “could be the nail in the coffin” for his relationship with his girlfriend. While the Nashville meeting appears to portend possible problems for Blake and Gwen, how does Lambert feel about her ex-husband and his gal pal?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton pose on the red carpet before their divorce. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Rather than make a commitment to endless interviews pouring out her feelings about Shelton, Miranda has shared her emotions in her new double album, The Weight of These Wings, according to E News.

Lambert turned to her life to inspire her new songs, and she opened up about her emotional pain over her divorce; the challenges of picking herself up, dusting herself off, and moving on, and her new love with Anderson East. Miranda doesn’t hold back in sharing how she feels about what she lost in the divorce, but she also revealed what she learned and gained.

In “Runnin’ Just in Case,” Lambert uses her split from Shelton for material.

“I carried him around with me, I don’t mind having scars…there’s freedom in a broken heart.”

But while Miranda is open about her heartbreak in songs such as “Things That Break,” in which she refers to holding “a heart so tight it shatters,” she also honored her fighting spirit. In “Keeper of the Flame,” Lambert tells the world that she’s “bent, but I’m not broken.”

And while Miranda has shared her heartbreak and determination to fight for her future, that new album allegedly didn’t go over so well with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

In Touch magazine told readers that Lambert’s new album, The Weight of These Wings, “was part of the country singer’s revenge against Gwen.” Now Stefani allegedly has her own plan to get back at Miranda, according to what a source told the publication.

Gwen, “wasn’t happy” with Lambert’s new album, said the insider, who claimed that Lambert’s record was a “direct shot” at her and Blake. Consequently, it’s supposedly war time in musical form.

“Gwen is ready to debut some very personal songs about Miranda being the constant third wheel in her life,” stated the source.

“She’s also written several songs in which she calls Miranda out for just giving Blake up so easily.”

And the claims about those reported feud songs don’t end there. Stefani even allegedly has a timeline, with a goal of confronting Lambert before Miranda ties the knot with her new boyfriend, Anderson East.

“All of this is leading to an inevitable showdown between Gwen and Miranda,” added the insider. “The gloves are off.”

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