Nick Viall, ‘Bachelor’ Stars Talk Fantasy Suite Secrets

Nick Viall has definitely done his share of time in the Bachelor fantasy suites. Viall famously made it to suite week in both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s seasons of The Bachelorette, then went on to three fantasy suite dates — with Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi — on his own season of The Bachelor.

The fantasy suite dates offer the contestants of the ABC franchise some camera-free alone time in a hotel room, and Nick Viall definitely made good use of the opportunity on the most recent episode of The Bachelor. In a major TMI moment, Raven, who previously blurted that she has never been given the big O by any of her past boyfriends, announced that Viall got the job done. Nick capped off his cozy overnight with Rachel by making her scrambled eggs as they lounged in bathrobes, and, after a crazy ice bath with Vanessa, Viall later warmed up with her between the sheets.

While it’s pretty clear that Nick Viall had three fantasy suite hookups in his season alone, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky said it’s common knowledge that most Bachelor leads sleep with more than one person during fantasy suite week.

“I think a lot of people do on the show, it’s not just Nick,” Ali said.

“And from talking to the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, most do sleep with the people in the fantasy suites.”

Fedotowsky admitted she was foggy on whether protection is provided for the show’s couples, but former Bachelor star Chris Soules made it clear that the production team has it covered.

“[The condoms] are in the room already, all the stuff is in the room already,” Soules said, adding that “extra stuff” is included in a bowl on the nightstand “like a normal bedroom.”

Of course, no one knows how “public” the private fantasy suites can be than Dorfman. During her season, the former Bachelorette star was publicly called out by Nick after she slept with him while knowing all along that she planned to choose Josh Murray as her final guy. In a piece for the Hollywood Reporter, Andi revealed that she was called a “slut” by national news anchors after Viall blurted their bedroom business.

“Almost every Bachelor has sex with everyone he goes into the fantasy suites with,” she said. “Obviously there are some exceptions, but regardless, you never hear anything of it. Yet, we as a society will go so far as to call a woman a slut for having sex with two men that she’s been dating. Two men whose families she’s met, who have professed their love to her and two men she has feelings for.”

Dorfman added that when she was down to three suitors — Viall, Murray, and Soules — she chose not to take the Iowa farmer to the fantasy suite because she didn’t want an intimate experience with somebody that she “didn’t feel a certain way about.”

Nick and Andi have since made amends — she even turned up on his season of The Bachelor to give him advice — and in a post-date interview with Glamour, Nick Viall said The Bachelor has evolved a great deal since his ill-fated overnight with Andi.

“[During her season I admitted we had sex], but the show has changed since then,” Nick told Glamour. “The show is more willing to acknowledge the fact that sex is part of a relationship and that it can and has happened as a part of this journey.”

Nick also said that he doesn’t think sex should be the focal point of the suites and that he was all about communication during the closed door time.

“I think there’s a lot of important things that go into fantasy suite week other than the physical aspect,” Viall told Glamour. “There is the physical aspect, but there are a lot of things I looked forward to doing… in terms of communicating that were also a priority of mine.”

Take a look at the video below to see Nick Viall on his fantasy suite dates.

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