Netflix ‘Bloodine’ Season 3 Will Be The Series Finale [Spoilers]

Fans of Netflix Bloodline will be disappointed to hear that Season 3 will be the series finale of the gripping story of the Rayburn family in Key West, Florida. And not only will Netflix Bloodline have to wrap up all of the tangled storylines in one last season, but Season 3 will only contain 10 episodes instead of the intended 14. It seems like a conflict between Netflix and Sony has caused the suspenseful series to wrap up sooner than expected.

Netflix has been the home for several suspenseful series in addition to Bloodline, says the Inquisitr. The Netflix series The Fall, set in Ireland was a mix of suspense and violence, as Gillian Anderson, a police investigator, tracks a serial killer, played by Jamie Dornan, as he terrorizes Dublin. Much like the series Bloodline, it is hard to tell the good people from the bad.

What’s On Netflix says that even though Netflix Bloodline is very popular, the series has to wrap up the series on Season 3. The tale of the Rayburn family is twisted, and everyone, good or bad, does what they need to do as a result of the crimes of Danny Rayburn, the initial black sheep of the family. Netflix Bloodline is described as having a slow burn, and that’s what it is, building to the point that is gasps for breath, and by word of mouth, it has developed a real following.


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So why would Bloodline be canceled before it had a natural end? The story goes that there are several things at play. Even though the show is created for and by Netflix, Bloodline is produced by Sony. Season 2 of Bloodline debuted at the end of May last year, and in July, Netflix announced that Bloodline was renewed and that Season 3 would not be the last season, but soon after, they announced that it would, and also reduced the episode run to 10, and licensing fees were slashed. Supposedly, if you ask Sony, it’s on Netflix, and if you ask Netflix, it’s Sony.

But both sides agree on one thing, creating the series for Netflix, Bloodline is very expensive to make. Bloodline takes place in Key West and is shot almost entirely in Key West on location. Florida used to have huge tax incentives, but the program has fizzled out, according to executive producer Todd Kessler.

“We decided to set the show there, because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult.”

So what does Netflix do with a series like Bloodline when the run was supposed to be six seasons, and it has to get whittled down to three? Superior editing to prioritize plot conclusions, says International Business Times of Australia. Another decision made by Netflix, Bloodline will not appear in May the way it did for the first two seasons, but it will launch in July instead, and much of the plot will revolve around Nolan Rayburn (Owen Teague), Danny’s son.

“I don’t think Nolan wants to be like Danny. He didn’t have a good time with Danny as a dad.”

And by being the son of the black sheep, it’s hard for the rest of the Rayburn family to separate Danny and his misdeeds from Nolan.

“The rest of the Rayburns see so much of Danny in Nolan. Nolan doesn’t really get to be his own person. They share the same looks and the same mannerisms, but it’s not something he likes.”

The cancellation has created some difficulties for the writers, but early reviews indicate that they got it done, concentrating perhaps three more seasons of drama into one.

“While Bloodline‘s tricky timeline detracts from the potency of the story and its characters, the show remains an addictive, tightly drawn brainteaser framed on a believable canvas.”

But no doubt, fans will be disappointed, and think that maybe to save some money, they could film Netflix Bloodline elsewhere, but Todd Kessler says that it then wouldn’t be the series they envisioned.

“We decided to set the show there … because it’s crucial to what the show is, not because of the tax incentive, but it does affect things financially for us and the show will be challenged because of that. It makes things more difficult.”

Diehard fans of the Netflix series Bloodline will no doubt be sad to see the story of the Rayburn family come to an end, but the creators promise that Netflix Bloodline will take the dark plot to a new level.

Are you disappointed that on Netflix, Bloodline will come to an end this summer? Have you watched since the beginning? Who is your favorite Bloodline character?

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