David Letterman Called Trump A ‘Stupid Son Of A B***h,’ Wants To Grill Him

David Letterman may have retired from late-night TV in 2015, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a thing or two to say about Donald Trump. Letterman spent 33 years on TV before taking his leave and going into “hiding” behind a bushy white beard, and during his run, he interviewed now-POTUS Trump over and over again. He even had an affectionate nickname for the former reality TV star, according to Vulture. The term of Trump endearment? “Trumpy.”

According to David Letterman, Trump is getting something of a free ride from today’s late-night TV hosts. He claims that if he were still the man behind the interviews, Donald Trump wouldn’t be getting off with simply getting his questionable hair patted for the camera. Dave says that if he could take a televised crack at Trump, “people would have to come and take me off the stage.”

“Dave, that’s enough about Trump. We’ve run out of tape.’ It’s all I’d be talking about. I’d be exhausted.”

Despite no longer manning his own late-night show, David Letterman hasn’t been able to avoid the ever-present drama of the Trump foray into politics. In fact, even as a “former” TV personality, Letterman has seen Trump taken to task throughout the campaign and wee days of his unlikely presidency by the gauntlet of newbie late-night hosts.

However, Letterman claims he would have done it bigger and better than his successors.

As the Independent reports, David Letterman once called Trump a “stupid son of a b***h.” Further, David says that if he had the chance to tarry with the new POTUS during the election season, he “would have gone to work on Trump.” Unlike new late-night mainstay Jimmy Fallon, who Letterman infers missed an opportunity when he opted for the Trump head rub rather than grilling the soon-to-be President back in September of 2016.


Letterman admits that Jimmy Fallon came away from the episode with a “fantastic viral clip” of Trump, but he swears that he would have “gone to work” on the then-candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

“I think I would be in the position to give him a bit of a scolding and he would have to sit there and take it.”

While David Letterman has, as ABC News reports, interviewed Donald Trump “many” times, the entertainer admits that most of his interviews were for nothing more than laughs. Letterman says that he and his ilk didn’t “take him seriously,” and often spent their time making fun of Trump, a billionaire New York landmark.

“He’d sit down, and I would just start making fun of him. He never had any retort. He was big and doughy, and you could beat him up. He seemed to have a good time, and the audience loved it, and that was Donald Trump.”

Now, however, everything has changed. It’s much harder to “beat up” POTUS Trump. David even claims that the new president “broke his heart” with his highly-publicized feud with and attacks on civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis, who famously suffered a skull fracture during the civil rights march across Edmund Pettus Bridge in 1965.

“I thought, You stupid son of a b***h. You ought to have known better than that.”

Letterman went on to mock “Trumpy’s” immunity from skull fractures due to his epic hair, as well as call the honesty and integrity of Donald Trump into question.

“How do you know if Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving.”

During his Vulture interview, David Letterman had nothing good to say about Trump’s cabinet choices, either. He bashed on Steve Bannon, who he called the “Hunchback of Notre Dame,” Sean Spicer who he said is a “boob who just got out of a cab,” and Stephen Miller who Letterman says is just “creepy.”

However, Trump favorite (and frequent tabloid and left-wing target) Kellyanne Conway is, according to Letterman, his “favorite for a long time.”

The bottom line says Letterman, who has known Trump since the 80s and interviewed him repeatedly, is that (after Trump’s unexpected White House win), Dave didn’t see him as some kind of untouchable, is “not blinded by the white-hot light of ‘president-elect.'”

When it comes to the ever-present Russia question, David Letterman seems to be buying into the conspiracy. He claims he “likes the idea that Putin has something on Don” and opted to play it to the Russian advantage.

“Let’s get him in office, and we’ll get things to go our way.”

When it comes down to it, former late-night star David Letterman thinks that current interviewers have “an obligation” to take on Trump, not just use him as a ratings gimmick or a soundbite.

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