ABC’s ‘American Crime’ Focuses On The American Dream For Season Three

ABC’s critically acclaimed American Crime series is always difficult to watch. While the stories are always fiction, they are often based on events that are sadly not so unrealistic and season three promises to be no different. Set in Alamance County, North Carolina, Season 3 focuses on the American Dream and labor issues. The Emmy award-winning show is created and is executively produced by Oscar winner John Ridley (known for 12 Years as a Slave) and Michael J. McDonald.

American Crime is unique in that each season different stories are told from different perspectives with many of the roles going to a recurring cast of actors that include Felicity Huffman, Regina King, Timothy Hutton, Lili Taylor and others. Last year, Connor Jessup played a large role as a teenage boy who was raped during a school-related event. He will be returning this season playing a completely different character. calls Jessup the show’s “secret weapon.”

Regina King stars in “American Crime” on ABC. [Image by ABC]

“Connor Jessup is one of the smartest and most talented young actors working today,” McDonald said in a statement. “John and I believe Connor’s performance will be even more emotionally shocking than last year as his character helps shed new light on the opiate addiction epidemic that is plaguing America.”

Jessup will be playing the role of Coy Henson, a young white American teen who is estranged from his family and is addicted to drugs. However, when he comes across a farm and talks with Isaac Castillo (Richard Cabral), the farm’s crew chief, Henson takes the opportunity to get his life straightened out. While there, he continues to battle his addiction while also discovering some injustices happening on the farm.

Meanwhile, Luis Salazar (Benito Martinez) travels from Mexico illegally trying to locate his missing son. He too discovers injustices on the farm. A number of undocumented workers are living and working on the farm, but they are barely making a living and since they owe their employers for certain living expenses, they can never leave the farm.

Cherry Jones Tim Dekay and Dallas Roberts star in “American Crime.” [Image by ABC)

Over at Hesby tomato farm, the owners are forced to cut back on labor costs so that they can still be competitive with the other farms. Jeanette Hesby (Felicity Huffman), who is part owner of the farm, discovers a shocking truth behind her husband’s family’s wealth. As opposed to last season, Huffman if playing the role of a woman with a strong conscience.


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Then, Regina King plays Kimara Walters, a social worker helping those in need while also wanting to get pregnant and have a baby. She meets teenage prostitute Shae (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) and offers her help to take down Shae’s pimp.

Finally, Timothy Hutton returns to play Nicolas Coates, a furniture supply business owner having a rough go at it at work and is having an even harder time at home with his wife, Clair (Lili Taylor). Clair wants to hire a Haitian woman (Mickaelle X. Bizet) to serve as the family’s nanny, but according to ABC, Clair’s employment comes with a “steep price.”

Robert Okumu stars in “American Crime.” [Image by ABC]

Guest starring on this season of American Crime is Sandra Oh, long absent from Grey’s Anatomy, Cherry Jones, Tim DeKay, Janel Moloney, Dallas Roberts, Ana Mulvoy Ten, Josh Drennen and Colby French. American Crime’s premieres on Sunday, March 12 following ABC’s other new show, Time After Time, at 10:00 p.m.

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