Jennifer Lopez: ‘Shades Of Blue’ Co-Star Ray Liotta Is ‘Working Out!’

Shades of Blue just launched its second season, giving executive producer and star Jennifer Lopez a chance to reflect on the series, her co-star Ray Liotta, and her hopes for the future of the series. In speaking about Shades of Blue, Lopez shares her thoughts on developing the right chemistry with Liotta and shares her thoughts about the actor, when he was initially cast to play Matt Wozniak in the NBC series and how he impressed Jennifer through the first season run. Likewise, Liotta talks about working with (and for) Ms. Lopez on a series that is quickly becoming a big hit in the police procedural genre of series television.

Shades Of Blue Chemistry: Jennifer Lopez Feels Like She’s Married To Ray Liotta

‘Shades of Blue’ stars Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez share a unique chemistry. [Image by NBC]

On Shades of Blue, Lopez and Liotta team up as unlikely and oftentimes mismatched allies, so it’s not surprising that a recent interview, conducted by Jennifer’s younger sister, Lydia Lopez, sought to dig deeper into that relationship. As AOL reports, Ms. Lopez and Mr. Liotta were asked to discuss their first impressions of each other, during the casting phase of Shades of Blue.

“I knew that Jenny came from the block,” Ray says, taunting Lopez.

Liotta was, of course, referencing Jennifer’s song, “Jenny From The Block,” which tells the story of a New York City girl who refuses to sell out and become someone who lacks integrity and originality.

Ray went on to say that Shades of Blue would never have been the hit it has become without Jennifer. He says that Lopez is constantly striving to stay true to her dream for the show and that, in his opinion, has given Shades of Blue a unique flavor. Liotta adds that his favorite scenes are the ones he shares with Ms. Lopez.

For Jennifer, she says she’s pleased to find someone she can connect with for the Shades of Blue male lead, adding that there has become a familiarity between the two actors that helps them work out their scenes.

“We were so excited to get Ray for the part,” said Lopez.

“It is like we have been married for two years and it is working out!”

Shades Of Blue Turns Up The Heat On Jennifer Lopez And Ray Liotta In Season 2

‘Shades of Blue’ forces Harlee Santos and Matt Wozniak to work together against federal investigations. [Image by NBC]

Spoilers for Shades of Blue may follow.

Screener reports that Shades of Blue is going to crank up the heat in Season 2 and, considering how the first season finale left off, there’s no telling what’s going to happen next. Harlee (Lopez) was set to turn informant on Ray Liotta’s Wozniak, leading her to become consumed with guilt over the betrayal she was committing. Meanwhile, a confrontation with her abusive ex-husband led Harlee to murder, placing her in an even trickier spot.

Season 2 picked up with Harlee Santos disposing of her ex-husband’s body, while Wozniak was finding himself on the wrong side of a pair of handcuffs. Moving forward, Wozniak will be forced to work for the FBI, setting up a mobster friend for the law. Wozniak has spent much of his law enforcement career looking the other way, but season 2 of Shades of Blue will be a game changer in that respect.

As things progress and it seems as though federal agents are gunning for Harlee and Wozniak, it will eventually be revealed that the real focus of this investigation will be FBI agent Julia Ayres (Anna Gunn). Ayres reveals a soft spot for organized crime later in Season 2 and, as Shades of Blue moves forward, that alliance will land her in hot water. It may also jeopardize the lives of Santos and Wozniak.

As this game of turncoat partners progresses on Shades of Blue, the story will set up Lopez and Liotta for a big confrontation, one in which Ray’s Wozniak expresses his own pain and confusion over his partnership with Harlee.

“You hate [Stahl] like you love me: When it’s convenient,” says Ray’s Shades of Blue character.

Eventually, as the sophomore season of Shades of Blue progresses, Wozniak and Harlee will have to come clean with one another and face common enemies in their ongoing game of corruption and justice.

The next episode of Shades of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta, and Sarah Jeffery, airs Sunday, March 12 on NBC.

[Featured Image by NBC]

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