Nicki Minaj Lights Up Paris Fashion Week With Bare Chest Exposed! [Pics]

The normal thing when a celebrity goes to a fashion show is for the cameras to focus on what happens during the catwalk. However, Paris Fashion Week, 2017 had something different in store for all fashion lovers. Nicki Minaj, the famous rapper who is undoubtedly well-known for her excesses as far as her melodies are concerned, broke all fashion records in Paris recently.

The rap-artist has certainly lived up to her reputation of provocative dressing. Fans are already accustomed to seeing Nicki Minaj dressed in as little clothes as possible and as provocative as she can possibly be. But at a recent Paris Fashion Show, Nicki Minaj broke all previous records of nudity and spiciness. The artist was seen with her right breast exposed. Here’s a picture

This brings the game to a whole new level, doesn’t it? Don’t give all the credit to Nicki Minaj though. Much of the share goes to her designer Haider Ackermann who is seen attending the presentation, seated in the front row. The first row is a spot for VIP guests which implies that the designer may be quite a salient figure in the fashion industry.

The designer aside, Nicki Minaj must be given the credit for the fact that she seemed so calm and poised wearing the non-mainstream outfit. Most artists wouldn’t dare go for a look Nicki Minaj tried on, and more importantly, wouldn’t be as sober and cool about it either. For Nicki Minaj, it seemed that an out-in-the-open breast is the most normal thing in the world.

Most would view Haider Ackermann’s garment as an oddball and not an innovation. However, the fashion industry is an ever-dynamic glamorous place that constantly asks for improvements and innovations aside from probing for brave trendsetters who create a certain sort of fashion which could not exist without them.

Trendsetting is what Nicki Minaj has done here. Now, it is understandable that most celebrities won’t be comfortable dressing up like that and quite honestly, no one is asking them to either. But trendsetters are always people who do not fear taking risks because their passion for what they do runs so deep in them that they simply enjoy their journey. Nicki Minaj displayed a fearless attitude towards fashion, which can also be understood as having a connotation or underpinning of liberal feminism or female emancipation. This demonstrates her passion in what she does. Her fearless attitude was further bolstered when she smiled at the cameras as she shared the first line of guests with Gabriel Kane, the son of actor Daniel Day-Lewis and the French model Lou Doillon.

Later on, Nicki Minaj was seen wearing a Veronique Leroy shades in which she was simply looking stunning. To complement her look, she also wore an Agent Provocateur liner and the signature of couture lingerie and mugler shorts (in this photo).

Let’s now examine the importance of Paris Fashion Week. This international fashion show has been serving an important gateway to future celebrities and stars. It provides a tremendously powerful platform for fashion industry to keep grooming and making its way ahead through thick and thin. In addition, who does not like all artists gathered in one place? It is literally the perfect excuse for most artists to be seen chilling out alongside each other.

In the Paris Fashion Week, the public eyed Alicia Keys, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Rihanna, who in addition to posing in the front row performing Dior parades, presented a collection of shoes for Puma. Here’s a snap of Alicia Keys during her stay at Paris for the Fashion Week

[Featured Image by Cosmopolitan / Facebook]

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