A Day Without Men? #DayWithoutAWoman Gets #DayWithoutAMan Backlash, Firings Fear

No sooner did the plans surface for “A Day Without a Woman” on Wednesday, March 8, did the backlash begin. As reported by the Inquisitr, the organizers of “A Day Without a Woman,” or “A Day Without Women” encouraged women (and men) to show support for females around the world on International Women’s Day by staging walkouts, boycotts, marches and wearing red. To prove the amount of economic power women bring to the workplace, and how valuable women can be at home in terms of raising children or outside the home working as scientists, teachers, neurosurgeons and fitness trainers, women were encouraged to take a day off from their paid or unpaid jobs so the effect of their absences could be felt.

Already, the backlash over the “A Day Without a Woman” movement has begun, with either outright sexist comments on social media or those simply seeking more balance and asking when the “Day Without Men” happens. A virtual gender war appears to have broken out from some social media accounts, with folks claiming that if men decided to adopt and observe “A Day Without a Man” and walk out of their jobs, the world would stop. As seen in some of the below comments from social media, some people have brought race into the argument, with claims that “A Day Without White Men” would make the world fall apart.

Whether joking about “A Day Without a Man” in a facetious manner, or actually imagining how workplaces might suffer if men decided to observe “A Day Without Men,” the comments about the imagined #DayWithoutAMan are flowing into social media in the wake of the #DayWithoutAWoman movement. As seen in the comments below, one man wrote that he employed two times as many women than men, and warned that he would fire any man or woman, without hesitation, who observed “A Day Without a Woman” and missed work. As seen in the above linked-to Inquisitr article, one nurse wrote about not risking her nursing license to leave work and observe “A Day Without a Woman.”

: “I say we have ‘A Day without White Men’ and see how many businesses have to close.”

SB2015?: “How about a day without white men?? The world would fall apart.

: “Let’s have a day without men see how long the world keeps going.”

: “A day without men would be the breakdown of societies!”

: “I employ twice as many women as men. Without hesitation, I will fire anyone who fails to show up for work because of a day without women.”

: “When is the day without men?”

“It should also be a day without men at the rate this country looks like!”

: “WHAT IF, we had a day without mediocre white men? Like what would happen to the world that day?

Instead of quipping about “A Day Without Men” in heated reply to “A Day Without Women,” some men wrote about their support for women, but confusion at the thought of a society without women. wrote that men don’t want a society without women, and wondered via social media why women needed a day to prove a point and “gain attention” for something that men like him already agree with women about.

Some folks are claiming that “A Day Without Men” would be a treacherous one, since many men tend to perform dangerous jobs (alongside women) as police officers, firefighters and the like.

Meanwhile, more writings about “A Day Without Men” can be read on Twitter.

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