‘Sister Wives’ Rumors: Meri Brown Wants A Divorce, Leaves Kody For Good?

Every time we turn around, there seem to be new Sister Wives rumors cropping up. It just seems to be a little much for and on all of us, but most especially for the different members of Kody Brown’s collection of wives. And now, the latest Sister Wives rumors suggest that Meri Brown wants out of this mess once and for all, making her the smartest one out of everyone if this is true.

That’s the word according to In Touch Weekly, whose latest round of Sister Wives rumors suggest that Meri Brown has been trying to forge a life away from the crazy Brown family. The shift was most evident this weekend when three of the four wives were in attendance with Kody to celebrate the opening of Janelle Brown’s new business, Strive with Janelle, but Meri wasn’t present for the opening.

“And the absence of Meri, 46, wasn’t the only issue; according to the source, Kody, 49, was also suspiciously distant with his other wives. “Kody kept walking away,” the source says. “He seemed distracted the whole time.” Things have been tense between Meri and her sister wives in recent years; not only did Kody divorce Meri to make Robyn, 38, his legal wife, but she was also ostracized when she was involved in a highly publicized Catfishing scandal.”

Meanwhile, according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from She Knows suggest that these divorce rumors are nothing more than gossip from a former friend of the family who is posing as an “insider” to the Browns.

Before the rumors about Meri leaving the family, the rumors were rampant about Robyn leaving the family. And these rumors were courtesy of none other than Kendra Pollard, who — according to the site — is also spreading the rumors about Meri leaving the family as well.

“The real question here is why anyone is still listening to Pollard. She used to be close buds with the Browns, but they had a very public falling out in 2015. Since then, she’s sided with Meri Brown’s catfishing online lover and pumped the tabloids full of all kinds of bogus stories about her ex-friends. You’d think by now reporters would just stop listening to her desperate attempts to stay relevant, but here we are.”

But the latest Sister Wives rumors from EnStars suggests that not only is the divorce happening, the whole family is falling apart. In fact, things are so bad that the show is on the verge of cancellation.

“[Robyn’s] always said that if he takes on new wives, she’ll leave. Robyn has told friends she is going to divorce Kody,” Pollard said. “She believes it is her only choice. She says he will be getting a rude awakening soon when he’s served with papers.” In addition, Robyn is allegedly fed up over other issues with Kody, who Pollard claims is having an equivalent of a nervous breakdown over the family falling apart, the possibility that their show is at risk for cancellation, and their financial situation.”

You have to admit that it’s pretty serious when a successful show is on the verge of being canceled because the head of the family can’t stop accumulating wives.

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