Video Reveals Odd, Confidential ‘Don’t-Leak’ Logo On Samsung Galaxy S8’s Back

Samsung will introduce its much-awaited latest smartphone Galaxy S8 on March 29. As usual, the internet is flooded with rumors containing leaks and what not the flagship device of the Korean giant will be possessing. The information out there has become quite copious and maybe somewhat redundant. But it is important to filter out the most notable details regarding the Galaxy S8.

On watching the video posted on Slashleaks by a Weibo user, it becomes notable that the upcoming smartphone looks a lot like the S7, only with the screen curved from both its sides. A supposed press image published by Evan Blass on Twitter also confirmed the design. What this implies then is that Samsung has decided to reconcile the distinctions between Galaxy and Galaxy Edge previously incorporated in the Galaxy 7 models. Of course, that does not mean that the phone will only come out under a single model. Two models will be released, both available in different screen sizes.

An important difference of the Galaxy S8 to it predecessor, S7, is that the upper and lower frames of the phone have been greatly reduced which in turn has increased the screen size quite a bit. It cannot be denied that a screen this large makes one irresistible to hold the smartphone in their hand, not to mention that it is perfect for gaming. It is also worth noting that the bottom frame no longer has the home button or the capacitative Android touch buttons for that matter.

The lack of the home button means that the fingerprint sensor is elsewhere. There were speculations that the fingerprint sensor could possibly be at the back of the phone. However, that was just conjecture but for most, it seemed implausible given the fact that the new phone has filtered cases which leave no room for anything other than the camera and the flash.

Samsung may have completely dispensed with the fingerprint sensor in favor of the iris scanner, but it does not seem likely. The most accepted hypothesis is that the fingerprint sensor, developed by the company Synaptics, is under the screen. Synaptics, now owned by Samsung, has announced the launch of a new sensor type for April. It seems that this sensor type will be the one incorporated into the mighty Galaxy S8. It may also lie under the frame without any visible button; however, that possibility was less likely.

So far, fans had seen numerous leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but they all showed the smartphone from the front. That left fans with some important unknowns, like the main camera or the location of the fingerprint sensor. A new video finally gives us the answer to those questions.

The video comes from Slashleaks and lasts only for five seconds. But these five seconds are enough to corroborate two things. Firstly, the main camera of Galaxy S8 is not a double as it was rumored. It might be possible that the S8 Plus includes that feature, but as far as S8 is concerned, the dual camera is out. According to leaks, it is a 12-megapixel camera with an f / 1.7 sensor.

The second detail is the fingerprint sensor. The disappearance of the home button to make the larger screen suggested that Samsung had resorted to the technology of the company Synaptics (newly acquired by the Korean company) to house the sensor under the screen. Finally, it will not be so. If the photos are not deceiving, the sensor happens to be located at the back of the phone and to the right of the camera. It is possible that this sensor is for another function and the scanner is under the screen, but it is an increasingly remote possibility.

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