Lisa Vanderpump Almost Declined To Officiate Katie And Tom’s Wedding

Lisa Vanderpump does not mince words. She says what she means, even if it comes across as crass at times. Building a successful business takes a lot of time and effort, and Vanderpump has built a mini-empire that is featured on the Bravo channel in the form of Vanderpump Rules. Aside from her businesses, she also stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With all of the things she has going on, Lisa still found the time to officiate the wedding of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz last summer.

Last week, Vanderpump Rules fans were shown Lisa Vanderpump getting quite the invitation on the previews for tonight’s episode. As it turns out, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz sent a butler to ask her to officiate their wedding. It was incredibly fancy and caught Vanderpump by complete surprise. According to People, Lisa Vanderpump almost said no to officiating the wedding. There had been several issues between the couple leading up to the wedding, many of which Vanderpump knew about. The dual bachelor and bachelorette party in New Orleans almost ended things for Maloney and Schwartz, which was a huge concern for Lisa.

By the end of the episode tonight, a cliffhanger is left as Lisa Vanderpump is still unsure what she should do about officiating the wedding. Having to tell Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz how she was feeling was hard because she is close to them. Vanderpump talked to them about how serious marriage is and lectured them about the drunk fighting. This has become a huge problem for the couple, and several Vanderpump Rules fans have pointed it out during the season. While it is obvious that Lisa did end up agreeing to marry Maloney and Schwartz, the decision for her was not an easy one. Officiating a marriage is a big deal for her, and something she holds close to her heart.

The relationship between Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz has been rough, and Lisa Vanderpump has seen it first-hand. Dating seemed to be something they were doing without any intention to get married, but then Katie decided she wanted a ring. They both drink a lot and have confrontational fights in their drunken states, saying several mean things. The cast of Vanderpump Rules calls Maloney “tequila Katie” when she acts out. Rumors suggest that the two have calmed down since getting married because they are expecting a child. A recent photo shared on social media got the rumor mill churning, and because Katie appeared to maybe have a baby bump, fans went wild. As of now, no announcement has been made regarding whether the couple is expecting a child.

In just a few weeks, Lisa Vanderpump will be sitting down with the cast of Vanderpump Rules for the reunion. It was taped just a few days ago, and a lot is going to happen. Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz will get to comment on how they behaved before walking down the aisle and what they thought when they watched the season back. Vanderpump was serious when talking to them about how she felt, and when she asked them to consider if marriage is what they really wanted, she meant it. The irony of all of this is just a few years prior, Scheana Shay married Mike Shay. Shortly after Katie and Tom tied the knot, the Shay marriage crumbled. All of this is going to be discussed on the reunion, and Vanderpump Rules fans are excited to watch it all go down. This is always the juiciest part of the season, and with all of the drama, it should be good.

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