Could Nicki Minaj Have Remy Ma Sent Back To Prison For Her Diss Tracks?

Nicki Minaj fans are allegedly trying to get Remy Ma arrested and sent back to prison over her scathing diss tracks “ShETHER” and “Another One,” and have reportedly even been calling Ma’s probation officer.

According to reports, Nicki’s fans are still furious about the two diss tracks Remy dropped amid her and Minaj’s beef and have allegedly been calling Ma’s probation officer, while Nicki’s team have supposedly threatened the rapper with legal action for using the likeness of Minaj’s Pink Friday album artwork.

Just days after Remy dropped her second diss track aimed at Nicki, is claiming that Minaj’s fans are desperately trying to get Ma sent back to prison while Nicki’s team are allegedly attempting to have “ShETHER” removed from some platforms and may also reportedly be threatening to sue the rapper for copyright infringement.

The site is reporting that a number of Minaj’s dedicated fans, known as the Barbz, have supposedly “been calling Remy’s probation officer nonstop in an attempt to have her arrested all because of that vicious ‘ShETHER’ diss track” while also reported that Minaj’s fans have supposedly been calling her probation officer in recent days.

Notably, Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison after MTV reported in 2008 that she was convicted of assault and the rapper is now thought to be on probation after serving six years of her eight-year sentence, which means Remy could potentially be sent back to prison if she violates the terms of her probation.

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Remy recently spoke out about the threats of prison from Nicki’s fans and the alleged possible lawsuit from Minaj’s team following the release of her second diss track “Another One,” claiming Minaj’s fans had been calling her probation officer after her and Nicki’s beef boiled over late last month.

“I never called the cops on anybody a day in my life, never report anybody to their [probation officer] and I never sue nobody,” Ma said according to amid reports Nicki’s fans have supposedly been attempting to get her sent back to prison.

“I will f*** you up before I sue you,” Remy Ma continued amid her beef with Nicki Minaj, “but this is the world that we live in with n****s that’s broke and lame talking about money.”

Nicki is still yet to respond to Remy’s scathing diss tracks, though fans tweeted about Remy being arrested after she dropped “ShETHER” last month, joking that she “murdered” Minaj with her scathing seven-minute diss track.

“I was with Nicki the whole time. Until I just heard Remy diss her!! Ummm… ok Remy. U need to be arrested for murder!” Twitter user @Laughat_Dj tweeted, while @Aj_theBlac wrote, “Remy Ma boutta get arrested for murdering Nicki.”

Others even joked that the song might have violated her probation, calling “ShETHER” “violence.”

Notably, Ma held no prisoners when slamming Minaj on “ShETHER” as reported that the rapper “touched on everything including booty shots, Nicki’s brother rape charge, and some serious allegations about the Young Money femcee having sex with Trey Songz and Ebro.”

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As for Minaj, she’s stayed suspiciously quiet amid the beef and hasn’t spoken out about her fans allegedly threatening to have Ma sent back to prison or the accusations of supposed copyright infringement, though Jezebel reported that Minaj appeared to clap back briefly last month with an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

According to the site, Minaj clapped back at Remy following the release of “ShETHER” by posting the less than stellar sales figures for Remy’s single with Fat Joe “Plata O Plomo,” but then deleted the post shortly afterward.

As for why Remy unloaded on Nicki with two serious diss tracks, Ma recently spoke out about her beef with Minaj during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in which she slammed her fellow rapper and dressed in all black because she claimed she was attending Minaj’s funeral.

Remy told Williams that she slammed Nicki because of what Minaj gets up to “behind the scenes” according to BET, claiming that Nicki supposedly has been making sure “awards don’t go to me or she’s not going to be attendance” during their years-long feud.

Ma also went on to accuse Nicki, who she’s been locked in a nasty feud with for several years, of urging “people to make bad reports” about her record sales as well as claiming that she’s been doing “anything I’m doing to make me look less and make her look better.”

What do you think of Nicki Minaj fans allegedly trying to get Remy Ma arrested and potentially sent back to prison for her diss tracks?

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