Mama June Weight Loss 2017: ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Mom Hurt By Fat Suit Claims?

Mama June’s weight loss will be revealed in 2017 — finally — but while everyone waits for photos of Honey Boo Boo’s mom at a reported size 4, many of those watching her show, Mama June: From Not To Hot, have been extremely critical of her.

This all started during the premiere of the show, which airs on Friday nights on WEtv. Mama June appeared to be wearing prosthetics or a fat suit of some kind, perhaps accentuating her weight. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are many theories for why this might be the case. Some people think that WEtv needed more “before weight loss” footage from Mama June Shannon, so they added some weight back on her to film segments for the documentary. Others think that the network is trying to dramatize June’s weight loss.

Mama June’s weight loss in 2017 has been one of the most talked about things all year. Since there haven’t been any photos to prove that Mama June went from weighing over 400 pounds to weighing well under 200 pounds, people have become skeptical. Viewers have been taking to social media to slam the reality star, many demanding photos and not believing anything until they see the proof. Said proof, however, won’t be available to the public until WEtv gives the green light. It is suspected that this will not happen until June’s big reveal on the show — and it might not be until the finale.

According to Hollywood Life, the negativity surrounding Mama June’s weight loss isn’t getting her down. In fact, the reality star is still very proud of herself after undergoing two surgeries (gastric sleeve and excess skin removal) and sticking to a diet and exercise plan that really has worked for her.

“June is not upset at all she is extremely proud of herself as she should be. She looks amazing and the world will be shocked at her transformation,” June’s manager said.

Before Mama June: From Not To Hot aired, Mama June did an interview with Hollywood Life, explaining that she is finally the person (externally) that she always knew she was.

Mama June Shannon [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv]

“People are now seeing the image that I’ve always seen in my mind, that’s the most exciting thing. The craziest thing is actually when I get out of the shower, and I’m like wow, I’m who I’ve always seen in my mind. I physically look that way now,” she said.

The Mama June weight loss 2017 news has been non-stop. So while there have been plenty of people criticizing her and not believing that she lost hundreds of pounds, June Shannon has quite a few supporters out there. She has said time and time again that she did this docu-series because she wanted to inspire others and give people who may be struggling with their weight someone to look up to. She admits that the journey hasn’t been easy, but she wanted to share it with the world.

“Sometimes you just wanna give up, just like on any diet but you can’t — you have to get in that mindset: If I give up, I’ll go back to the way I was. I cheat, I’ve done that. You’re going to see the new part of our lives, where we’re at now and the daily struggles of weight loss,” she previously said.

Have you watched Mama June: From Not To Hot? Are you excited to see Mama June’s official weight loss reveal in 2017?

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