Kanye West Immortalized In Golden Crucifixion Sculpture In Hollywood

Kanye West has received god-like recognition after a golden crucifixion statue of him was put up in Hollywood.

West’s statue was created by an artist called Plastic Jesus, and it was put up on the corner of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. The statue depicts Kanye posing with arms wide open, just like Jesus being crucified on the cross. West compared himself to the Christian figure in the past and even given himself the nickname, Yeezus.

West’s statue casts him as Jesus during the crucifixion

Kanye’s crucifixion statue depicts Jesus being crucified including the nails on his hands. The statue also includes a thorny crown on West’s head which is similar to the one that was put on Jesus. West’s statue also had a Jesus piece hanging from the neck and a pair of shoes from the rapper’s fashion line. It was also dressed in a white loincloth. The statue was also placed on top of a box with the words “False Idol” written on it.

Plastic Jesus sought inspiration from how the public treats West

The artist behind the statue was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter where he revealed a few details about the statue. Plastic Jesus stated that he was inspired to come up with the art piece by how Kanye is treated by the media as well as the general public.

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“He’s a genius at writing and producing but he’s not a God, and that’s where we put him. Until there’s an issue in his life or a hiccup in his career, then we crucify him,” stated Plastic Jesus.

The artist also explained that the same situation has happened to other artists including Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. He pointed out that he analyzed West’s life, particularly his controversial statements and more recently, his highly publicized hospitalization after suffering a breakdown. Plastic Jesus also revealed that he has been a fan of Kanye’s creativity and musical genius for a long time.

“The piece is intended to be as critical of us as consumers and the media as it is of Kanye himself. We’ve created this idol from somebody who is clearly talented,” the artist added.

The artist did not reveal how much it cost to create the whole thing though he disclosed that it was made in collaboration with Las Vegas artist Ginger. The latter is well known for creating the huge giant statues of naked Donald Trump that were placed in numerous cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and New York.

Plastic Jesus revealed that he approached Ginger who made the head for the Kanye Crucifixion statue. He also added that the main message that he aims to put across with the new statue is that people should treat artists with the respect they deserve while at the same time not giving them god-like statuses.

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Kanye West has not yet revealed his opinion on the statue, but the fact that the artist used it to get across the message of how artists are treated means he will most likely love the idea. Meanwhile, it has definitely earned the artist some more fame and recognition, especially because he used religion to seek some inspiration. Hopefully, there will not be any backlash from religious extremists who misunderstand the idea behind the artistic sculpture.

The statue of Kanye is the latest piece of art from Plastic J, and he hopes that it will go a long way in putting across the message without causing too much controversy. As far as Kanye is concerned, getting his own statue is quite a high level of fame and influence.

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