Emma Watson Bashed For Risque Photo, Fires Back At Critics Of her Feminism


Proud feminist Emma Watson recently posed for Vanity Fair, and her ensemble left little to the imagination. Her top was little more than carefully-looped white rope, which was even more carefully situated over the Harry Potter star’s breasts, leaving them more visible than not. The high-fashion Burberry attire was nothing entirely new for fashionista Watson, but apparently not everyone felt like the nearly-nude look was appropriate.

In addition to being a beloved star, Emma Watson is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and proud advocate for women’s rights, regardless of what she happens to be wearing. So, according to the actress, she was very surprised when she was publicly called out by British journalist, Julia Hartley-Brewer, for being “hypocritical.” Apparently, Hartley-Brewer feels that showing some skin means that Emma Watson cannot also be a feminist.


As CNN reports, the British radio presenter took to Twitter to blast Emma Watson for her Vanity Fair look, hammering the 26-year-old star of the soon-to-be-released Beauty and the Beast remake. According to Hartley-Brewer, Emma Watson is somehow incorrect by touting equal pay and feminism while also saying “here are my t**s.”

To be clear, while Emma Watson’s Vanity Fair top was certainly on the revealing side, it wasn’t obscene or indecent. It left more to the imagination than your average swimsuit. Even so, Emma Watson’s critic seemed quite offended that the young actress would opt to bare so much while touting her feminist ideology.

As Reuters reports, Watson responded vigorously to the unprovoked Twitter attack on both her fashion and her core belief system. According to Emma Watson, it’s entirely possible to be a feminist and “have boobs.” Let alone be a feminist and not be ashamed of your breasts as Watson most certainly doesn’t appear to be in her provocative Vanity Fair pic.

“They were saying that I couldn’t be a feminist and have boobs.”

According to Emma Watson, who has proudly held her post as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2014, feminism is about choice. Further, Emma added that feminism is not about badgering other women for their personal choices.

“Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom. It’s about liberation. It’s about equality. It’s not — I really don’t know what my t*ts have to do with it.”


Not surprisingly, the Twitter attack on Emma and her Vanity Fair ensemble sparked an all-out social media debate on what constitutes feminism, what is “inappropriate,” and what is straight-up shaming for the sake of shame. Not surprisingly, many fans were willing to stick their necks out for Emma Watson.

Hartley-Brewer ended up repeatedly defending her stance on Twitter, despite the aggressive response from feminists and Emma Watson fans. In coming to her own defense, the commentator once again accused Watson of “hypocrisy”

“[She] complains that women are sexualised and then sexualises herself in her own work. Hypocrisy.”

For her part, and despite defending herself with grace and class, Emma Watson admitted to being “stunned” by the response to the seemingly innocent photograph.

Even Gloria Steinem, quite possibly the most famous and outspoken modern feminist of them all, came to the defense of Emma Watson when asked about the unbelievable social media smack-down the young artist and activist had endured.

“Feminists can wear anything they f****** want. They should be able to walk down the street nude and be safe.”

What do you think? Did Emma cross a line with her revealing Vanity Fair photo? Or do you think that Emma Watson has it right, that feminism is about choice and not clothing?

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