‘One Piece’ 857: Jinbei Reveals Sinister Plot To Get Big Mom And Rescue Vinsmoke

Chapter 857 of immensely popular One Piece manga offers its fans to gleefully plan the counterattack of the Straw Hats pirates. Although Luffy and Sanji haven’t yet reunited with the rest of the gang, the current chapter does offer a strong glimmer of hope about sweet revenge against Big Mom.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 857 spoilers/recap ahead]

In the previous chapter of One Piece manga, mangka Eiichiro Oda offered fans a tear-jerking and heartwarming reunion between Sanji and Luffy D. Monkey. With all the misunderstanding and bitterness between the friends dissolved, Luffy urged Sanji to return to the Whole Cake Chateau to ruin the upcoming wedding between Black Leg and Lady Pudding. It seemed Sanji was still not convinced about Luffy’s apparently crazy and dangerous plans. Moreover, the duo didn’t have their trusted team with them to execute the plan that was not only risky but also required meticulous planning, a task at which Luffy isn’t the best.

In the current chapter, Sanji and Luffy are reminiscing in the open meadows like old friends. As expected, an overly emotional Sanji is still afraid to face Nami after what he said and did to her back when they went their separate ways. However, Luffy consoles his “nakama” and is glad they reunited.

Back in Brulee’s Magical Mirror World, Carrot, Chopper, Brook, Pedro, and Jinbei are still trying to formulate a plan to rescue Sanji and Luffy, when one of the tiny mirrors claims to have seen the duo in the meadows. Apparently, one of the tiny shards of mirror lying in the fields spots them and confirms the same. Although Nami sounds unsure, Chopper eagerly picks up the broken piece of the mirror and shouts out to Luffy. Surprisingly, the Straw Hats pirate picks out the faint sound in the fields and picks up the small piece. In essence, the current chapter of One Piece manga finally establishes a communication channel between the two groups.

In the earlier chapters, Luffy and Nami had communicated with Chopper using this exact method, and hence the former knows about the Mirror World. Chopper reveals about the successful rescue missions and adds the daring heist that Pedro pulled off. As expected, Luffy is overjoyed on knowing they have access to the highly coveted Road Poneglyphs. However, he reveals that Sanji is not yet ready to come back with them. He adds the reason behind Sanji’s insistence on staying back and getting married. Fortunately, Luffy explains they plan on disrupting the wedding and rescuing not just the Vinsmokes but also the Baratie group currently being held hostage by Big Mom.

As expected, everyone within the Mirror World appears concerned about Luffy’s plans because that would entail taking on Big Mom, a powerful Yonko, and that too on one of the days she considers very important. Interestingly, Nami refuses to forgive Sanji for plunging her in fear of abandoning the group.

With everyone agreeing the mission to rescue the Vinsmoke clan is akin to suicide, Jinbei steps up with a rather strange and seemingly repulsive, but quite plausible plan. The sharkman first explains how dangerous the mission is. He adds that the Yonko would have undoubtedly invited many emperors and villains from the underworld and across the seas. In other words, a fight with the Yonko would surely mean taking on these formidable people and their trusted lieutenants as well.

As a way of getting into the upcoming wedding ceremony with the least amount of problems, Jinbei mentions one of the most dreaded people. Called “Capone ‘Gang’ Bege,” the man hails from the West Blue and is one of the “worst generations.” Belonging to the “Five Great Families,” Bege is one of the five bosses of those mafias. Infamous as a “loose cannon,” he committed many atrocities on animals, before moving on to human beings. Interestingly, Bege never showed an interest in acquiring territory or improving his status. He only stole money and precious items after beheading the boss of any clan or family that dared oppose him.

Bege’s crimes finally caught up with him as the families united and started hunting him. Seeing imminent danger, he sought protection under Yonko Charlotte Linlin. Realizing Bege’s skills, the Yonko tasked him with securing the Whole Cake Chateau for the wedding. Interestingly, although responsible for protecting Big Mom and the visiting dignitaries, Bege plans to take Big Mom’s head. Jinbei concludes his long-winded speech by noting that Luffy could join hands with Bege to gain entry within the heavily fortified wedding venue and execute his rescue mission. The sharkman also notes that Pekoms isn’t the culprit, but merely a victim.

Jinbei’s suggestion shocks Luffy who always has an altruistic and noble motive. However, it is even more surprising to see Luffy seriously considering Jinbei’s plan. As expected, Luffy’s acceptance shocks Carrot, Chopper, and Nami. Unperturbed with the commotion near him, Jinbei states he has already set up a meeting with Bege.

Chapter 857 of One Piece manga ends with Bege awaiting Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats gang. He makes it amply clear that the Straw Hats’ allegiance would certainly prove beneficial as they both are planning to oppose Big Mom. However, Bege makes it perfectly clear that it would be in Luffy’s best interest to listen and oblige him.

Chapter 858 of One Piece is expected to be released without a break this week. Will Luffy accept and go along with Bege? Will Big Mom take evasive steps to protect the wedding party? Will the Vinsmokes and the Baratie group be rescued? Hopefully mangaka Eiichiro Oda reveals answers to these questions in the upcoming chapter of One Piece

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