‘Billions’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: New Cast Member Shines In Latest Episode

Billions returned for the third episode of its second season on Sunday night, continuing the explosive feud between Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis and Chuck Rhoades, played by Paul Giamatti. However, as the pair continued to bolster their ground, the latest episode of the Showtime drama also focused on its newest character Taylor, played by Asia Kate Dillon.

This article contains spoilers for Billions Season 2, Episode 3.

According to Entertainment Weekly, with Axe Capital now back on track and gaining momentum once again, you’d assume that Bobby Axelrod would be content. However, it soon becomes apparent that Axelrod won’t rest until he’s completely annihilated both Chuck Rhoades and Todd Krakow, who it is revealed has won the prestigious poker tournament the Alpha Cup three times, whilst Axelrod has no victories to his name. As to be expected, that’s a failure that continues to hang over Axelrod over the course of the episode.

‘Billions’ stars Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. [Image by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images]

In order to squash Chuck in the immediate future, Axe sets out on finding a way to help Boyd beat Chuck’s impending case. With that in mind, he puts the ruthless Hall, played by Terry Kinney on the case, whilst Axe himself focuses on getting Wendy, played by Maggie Siff back on his side, following her recent disagreement with Chuck.

However, according to Vulture, perhaps the biggest focus in this episode is the show’s newest character, Taylor, played by Asia Kate Dillon. In the aforementioned Alpha Cup tournament, Axe invites his newest employee to play alongside him and the episode follows their relationship as it develops. Whilst the pair may not have met all that long ago, it’s clear that their interesting relationship is growing at a pretty speedy rate. In general, Asia Dillon’s character appears to bring out a very different side to Bobby Axelrod, as is evident in the most recent episode.


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When Axe turns up at the Alpha Cup with Taylor by his side, Krakow appears to be playing with fire when he brings Wendy along as his coach. It’s a clear ploy to get inside Axe’s head and one that pays off, as Axe, unable to concentrate, goes all in and loses to Krakow.

An infuriated Axe proposes another bet with Krakow, $1 million to the man whose team lasts the longest in the tournament. Ultimately, it’s Taylor who calls Krakow’s bluff and wins with a 10 high and ends up winning Axe the Alpha Cup. Whilst everybody at Axe Capital is busy celebrating the victory, Taylor confronts Axe, fearing that she was used in the same way as Wendy.

Billions is currently airing its second season on Showtime, with its newest cast member Asia Kate Dillon introduced in the last episode. Before Billions, the gender fluid actress has appeared in both Orange Is the New Black and Master of None on Netflix. However, Taylor is the first main character Kate Dillon has played in a series and her character appears to have been met with acclaim from both critics and fans. How exactly Taylor will fit into the complex dynamic of Billions will be revealed in coming episodes.

Since its premiere in 2016, Billions has received generally positive reviews. Not long after the premiere of its first season, Showtime renewed the drama for a second season. If the show’s success continues into the currently airing second season, Showtime will likely pick-up the show for another season very soon.

Billions Season 2, Episode 4 airs on March 12 on Showtime.

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