Emma Stone’s Real Name Revealed: ‘La La Land’ Actress Shares Name Change Story

Emma Stone is adored by her fans for her quirky roles in romantic comedies and for her superb acting. She recently made it big with her movie La La Land opposite Ryan Gosling. But before Emma Stone was recognized as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, she was once a teenager who realized that she cannot keep her real name throughout her career.

In an interview with WMagazine, Emma Stone revealed that she had a different name that the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) asked her to drop. The Easy A actress was just a teenager when she realized that she cannot user her real name, which is Emily.

“My real name is Emily Stone, but when I started acting, that name was already taken by another actress, so I had to come up with a different one.”

Getting to her stage name Emma Stone was not something that happened right away. The actress had to play with other options before arriving at the name that she and everyone embraced.

Emma Stone accepts Best Actress award. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

She told the magazine that she had played with the name Emily J. Stone, much like her idol Michael J. Fox, but she thought she could not “pull off the J.”

She also shared her story of how hard it was to respond to a name that she was not born with. When she was just 16, SAG asked her to pick a new name. She decided to go with the name Riley Stone and for six months, she was called that.

However, one day when she had to appear as a guest on Malcolm in the Middle, people on set asked for “Riley.” But she was confused and told everyone she is not Riley. That is when she decided she wanted to go for the name Emma Stone since “Emma” is much closer to Emily compared to “Riley.”

Although Emma’s name is already popular in the entertainment industry, the actress admits that she misses her real name. But the good thing is that Emily Stone and Emma Stone are related on Google searches. The actress also told Jimmy Kimmel that the name Emily Stone was also the name of an America’s Next Top Model contestant. But it looks like the actress got her name back, based on Google results.

Not only does Emma Stone want her real name back but she also confessed how she wanted to start a family. After bagging her Best Actress award, the Crazy Stupid Love star hopes to have a family, she told Sunday People.

“[I want to] Have a family. It makes me honestly flush because it feels like such a vulnerable thing to say. It’s such a crazy, incredible thing. I mean how wild to have children and a family.”

Stone has always been close with her family, and she has been heard several times crediting them for keeping her feet on the ground. She brought along her brother, Spencer, as her plus one to the Oscars event. But with her revealing this down-to-earth ambition, fans are speculating about her reunion with ex-boyfriend, Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone and ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Garfield and Stone have remained on good terms despite having put an end to their five-year relationship. At the event during her Oscars speech, people did not fail to notice the Hacksaw Ridge actor’s reaction upon seeing his former love getting emotional up on stage. The way Garfield looked at Emma was a hot topic of the social media at that time.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may be one of Hollywood’s lovable pairs, and they may have said they still love each other even after their breakup, but the couple are just friends despite rumors stating they have gotten back together.

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