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If you’re looking for the best movies on Netflix, you can never go wrong with a Bill Murray flick. The actor has made dozens of films with a career spanning nearly 40 years, and a handful of those movies are currently streaming on Netflix. Every generation has a handful of actors that standout from the pack; Bill Murray is one of those actors. The talented actor has transcended the big screen by becoming a pop culture icon and national treasure.

Murray was initially known for being a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live from 1977-1980. His first major movie was Meatballs in 1979, followed by a slew of early ’80s movies that would end up becoming classics, including Where the Buffalo Roam, Ghostbusters, and Caddyshack. Co-starring Chevy Chase, Ted Knight, and Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack remains one of the funniest movies from the ’80s and it is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Murray dominated the Decade of Excess and capped-it-off with Scrooged. This modern take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has become a holiday staple. Murray as a Scrooge-like character is almost guaranteed to make Netflix subscribers laugh out loud.

With movies like Groundhog Day, Kingpin, and Ed Wood, the ’90s brought more success for the actor and more joy for moviegoers; among those movies is the classic comedy, What About Bob? Richard Dreyfuss co-stars as the therapist to Murray’s oddball character, and the duo’s back-and-forth chemistry is hilarious. This was considered one of the funniest movies from 1991 and it is currently streaming on Netflix.

As the new millennium struck, Bill Murray was more popular than ever. The actor’s only Oscar nomination came from the 2003 film Lost in Translation, and many feel he should have won that prize which Sean Penn took home for his role in Mystic River. The new decade would also find Murray starring in a slew of Wes Anderson films including The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and Moonrise Kingdom.

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Critics and audiences alike raved for Moonrise Kingdom. gave the film 3.5 stars (out of four) and describes why it’s one of the best movies on Netflix.

“Wes Anderson’s mind must be an exciting place for a story idea to be born. It immediately becomes more than a series of events and is transformed into a world with its own rules, in which everything is driven by emotions and desires as convincing as they are magical. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ creates such a world and takes place on an island that might as well be ruled by Prospero. It’s set in 1965, though it might as well be set at any time.

“Because this is a Wes Anderson film, you know Bill Murray will appear in it. He has worked in the last five of Anderson’s six films. In ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ he plays Walt Bishop, Suzy’s father, and Frances McDormand is her mother. Murray is always right for a role in an Anderson film, and I wonder if it’s because they share a bemused sadness.”

Over the past several years, Bill Murray has continued to star in some great movies: he gave a priceless cameo appearance in the reboot of Ghostbusters, he stole the show in Zombieland, and he stole our hearts in the comedy-drama St. Vincent. Melissa McCarthy, Jaeden Lieberher, and Naomi Watts co-star alongside Murray in St. Vincent, and the foursome have amazing chemistry together. And once again Bill shows us that he can do drama just as well as he can do comedy.


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For those wanting more of Murray, there are four other movies featuring the pop culture icon that are currently streaming on Netflix: The Jungle Book, A Very Murray Christmas, Rock the Kasbah, and Hyde Park on Hudson.

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