Kandi Burruss’ Husband, Todd Tucker, Reacts To Porsha Williams’ Sex Claim

On the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Todd Tucker stayed pretty silent as his wife, Kandi Burruss, got into a very heated argument with Porsha Williams over her claim that he and Kandi once, during a night of partying in 2014, tried to drug her to bring her back to their sex dungeon and have their way with her. As the episode aired on Sunday night, Todd made it clear, via an Instagram post, exactly what was going through his mind as he watched Kandi blast Porsha over the accusation.

Todd apparently found it hilarious when Kandi whipped out a printout of texts that she exchanged with Porsha to prove that Porsha was hardly afraid of being raped and that it was, in fact, Porsha who was the aggressor. It also seems that Todd believes that the texts that Kandi read and showed everyone definitively proves that Porsha lied.

Todd posted a photo of a man yelling something as he’s holding up a cell phone, with the words “HA!” and “GOTTEM!” on top. “Lol!” Todd wrote for the photo’s caption.

On Twitter, Kandi tweeted that Porsha’s claims were “BS.”

In response to a viewer who told Kandi that she didn’t need to protest so hard, even if Porsha was lying, Kandi pointed out that Porsha’s claim was a serious allegation.

Kandi later tweeted that Porsha’s claim against her and Todd harms real victims of rape.

“Drugging somebody & taking them to a sex dungeon against their will is called rape.When u recklessly lie it contributes to the shame & struggles of the real victims.”

The previous The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams hurl accusations at one another during a heated lunch meeting. Porsha’s claims included that Kandi was once in a seven-year relationship with a woman, and slept around with R&B groups. Porsha also claimed that Kandi and Todd Tucker had a sex dungeon and that Todd cheats around while in New York City under the alias “Marvin.” Kandi shot back that Porsha once, during a night of partying together at a club, kissed her and told her that she wanted to perform oral sex on her until she orgasmed.

The latest episode showed Kandi and Porsha giving their respective side of the story to their allies. Speaking to her sister, Porsha pretty much admitted that she may have gotten quite friendly with Kandi that night in the club. In her confessional interview, Porsha blamed it on alcohol.

“I was like beer goggles on 1,000 and she was sober, so blame it on the Henney.”

Things between Kandi and Porsha really heated up later during the cast’s first group dinner in Maui. With Todd by her side, Kandi confronted Porsha about her claim, calling her a big liar. Porsha said that Kandi was spreading lies about her, so she shot back at her with the truth. Kandi continued to deny that she and Todd tried to drug her and take her back to a sex dungeon. Kandi then added that it was Porsha who wanted to get intimate with her.

“She’s a lying b**ch. She was kissing me in the club, telling me [other sexual things]”

Porsha actually admitted that “probably did happen” because she was “tipsy.”

“So what?” Porsha added as the other women looked on stunned.

To further prove that it was actually Porsha who was the sexual aggressor, Kandi pulled out a printout of texts that she exchanged with Porsha after they partied together. Kandi read out a text from Porsha in which Porsha joked about raping her.

“Finally got my phone back on. It’s been broke for three days. BTW I’ve been laughing every day since Queens. We was turnt up for real. I just want you to know I’m not going to rape you on camera so no worries.”

“Does that sound like somebody who was worried about something happening to them?” Kandi heatedly asked the group.

When Phaedra Parks tried to calm things down by saying that the whole thing didn’t matter, Kandi lashed out at her for sticking up for Porsha. Practically in tears, Kandi admitted that she wanted to physically hurt Porsha.

“The part that matters, Phaedra, this chick tried to turn it around and say that we tried to drug her! Let’s be clear, Phaedra, you know I have fun, but the one thing I would not do, I would not do no stuff about no drugs and for her to put that out there about me — oh, my God — it took everything in me not to choke the s**t out of this b**ch.”

As viewers may remember, Phaedra previously made her own big claim regarding her former friend, Kandi, when she told Sheree Whitfield that both Kandi and Todd had sex with Porsha’s friend, Shamea Morton. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kandi, in a recent tweet to a viewer, teased that she’ll lash out at Phaedra at the upcoming reunion show filming for saying that.

While Todd Tucker apparently believes that Kandi Burruss proved that Porsha Williams was lying with the text conversation printout, Porsha believes otherwise. As the episode aired, Porsha posted the text conversation and said that it proves nothing.

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