Nintendo Switch Skins Cause Damage? Why Can’t You Transfer Files As Well?

Nintendo has surprised everyone when they announced the launch of the new Nintendo Switch. Though this has got Legend of Zelda fans excited, it seems that not every newly launched console is perfect.

The Nintendo Switch’s portability and functions have set a new standard for consoles, but it is really that flexible that gamers can ditch their PS4s and Xbox Ones?

Maybe not yet.

According to IGN, there have been new reports of users updating their Nintendo Switch skins, which eventually caused the entire console to break down.

Nintendo Switch owners may want to customize their devices. With the increasing demand for customization, there are these so-called Nintendo Switch stickers that gamers can attach to the console. However, manufacturer dbrand, creator of stickers for other tech devices like phones, laptops, and video games, said that gamers should not apply these stickers/skins on their new Nintendo Switch.

In a series of tweets, dbrand inspected the console and showed the users what happened when they tried applying their stickers on the console.

“Having completed the JoyCon skins, everything looked phenomenal. Then, an issue arose.”

After they removed the skin, the coating of the JoyCons have been affected. Dbrand noted that the JoyCons “do not play well with any kind of adhesive.”

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After the test, dbrand already canceled the pre-orders and refunded their customers. Dbrand’s competitor, SlickWraps, also said that they are currently conducting their own tests “with over 80 different materials.”

Though customization of the Nintendo Switch is in high demand, users will have to wait until these legitimate brands offer a better alternative or else it might cause direct damage to the console.

Other Issue: Can’t Transfer Files

When the Nintendo Switch launched, there was an expectation that the console can easily be integrated with other systems. Since the console has successfully created a forward-thinking design, they wonder why Nintendo has held back with it comes to connectivity, when this factor has become one of the most important aspects in modern gaming.

According to Engadget, saved games and the games themselves will be stuck in there too. So, if users would like to finish the Legend of Zelda game, the will have to continue playing it in the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo “quietly posted” an answer list to these queries:

Where is game save data stored?

“On Nintendo Switch, game save data is stored on the console’s System Memory. This will not change whether downloadable software or software from a game card is being played.”

And, as they have confirmed, players cannot transfer the files to an SD card.

What happens if there is no more space on the System Memory for your game save data?

“You will need to free up space within System Settings > Data Management.”

Can I expand the memory space on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, a microSD card can be used to save screenshots and software data, including downloaded software, software updates, and DLC.

So, even though Nintendo Switch was able to startle its competitors, it still has its limitations.

Nonetheless, the company is positive Nintendo Switch will have an impact on gamers.

In an interview with TIME, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said the Nintendo Switch is their statement to the gaming community.

“I think the public sees that Nintendo is doing something different. They can look at it and they go, ‘Okay, that’s a different-looking console.’ They look at the third-party support, they look at what the developers are bringing to the platform. That’s different, and then the folks who are getting hands-on time with Switch are then having those beliefs confirmed through their own experiences.”

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Kimishima said there might be a learning and adjustment period for the Nintendo Switch, but he is positive that career gamers will be able to adapt.

“Now they’re going to be saying to each other, ‘Hey, this is a different gaming experience. This is something we haven’t seen before. I just played it, I did it, and I’m going to tell my friends and they’re going to tell their friends, and then the next person’s going to play it.'”

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