‘Arrow’ News And Speculation: After Big Prometheus Reveal, Who Is Vigilante?

The latest Arrow news that Adrian Chase is actually Prometheus has destroyed most fan theories about just who Prometheus was. But it also has the effect of reviving speculation about just who the Vigilante is as well. And this speculation is apparently going to go on a long time.

As reported by Cinema Blend, it seems Arrow will be teasing this one throughout all of Season 5. According to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, we’re probably not going to know who the Vigilante is until Season 6 of Arrow.

Mr Terrific and the Vigilante on ‘Arrow’ episode. [Image by The CW]

The Big Prometheus Reveal

Many regular Arrow viewers had speculated that Vigilante was in fact district attorney Adrian Chase, so when it was revealed in last week’s episode that Adrian Chase is in fact Prometheus, most of the previous theories about who the Vigilante was had to be tossed out the window.

Having Chase turn out to be Prometheus came as a surprise to many because in the comic books Adrian Chase is the Vigilante. While switching up identities in this way is a common thing on Arrow – and throughout the entire Berlanti/DC universe on The CW – it still seemed unlikely that Prometheus would turn out to be Chase.

If anything, it seemed more probable that if Chase wasn’t the Vigilante, then he wasn’t anyone at all – other than the city’s district attorney. Not to mention, the actor playing Adrian Chase on the show is not physically the same size as actor Stephen Amell, who plays Green Arrow, but the stunt double playing Prometheus in fights with the Green Arrow looks as big – or bigger – than Amell.

It should also be noted that in the comics, that character of Chase also had serious emotional and mental issues. So much so that his guilt over what he had done as Vigilante ultimately led him to suicide.

So this bit of bait and switch in the Arrow news about Prometheus might seem a bit deceptive to some viewers – not to mention some reviewers. Still, if the show is going to maintain the surprises and the mystery, clearly they can’t put all their cards on the table.

People aren’t always what they seem on ‘Arrow.’ [Image by The CW]

So Who Is Vigilante?

There are many possibilities for who the Vigilante might actually turn out to be on Arrow, but one important clue is that this particular villain – if he is a villain – is actually going to extend across two seasons. In a way, this makes him even more significant than Prometheus.

It’s important to also note that even though Prometheus seemed to defeat him on the roof last week, he didn’t actually manage to kill Vigilante – who pulled off a cool disappearing-after-the-fall trick. All of this suggests that Vigilante might be far more formidable than it might seem. In other words, he’s not just a guy with a gun.

Many of the ideas that people had for who Prometheus might be could equally be applied to the Vigilante. For instance, he could be a resurrected Tommy brought back by the Lazarus Pit before it was destroyed. This would actually make sense, since Tommy’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, had access to the pit and would also have been able to train him as an assassin.

The other possibility is that the Vigilante could be the son of Justin Claybourne. Yes, the same guy that people previously thought might have been Prometheus seeking revenge for his father’s death. In this scenario, he would have instead become the Vigilante out of guilt for his father’s activities and because the Green Arrow had largely given up killing people in the way that the Vigilante would have viewed as necessary.

[Featured Image by The CW]

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