‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam & Jason Get Bad News, Griffin Makes A Sacrifice

Viewers have seen some interesting twists and turns play out lately on General Hospital, and spoilers for the week of March 6 tease that there is plenty more on the way. Nelle has finally revealed why she has been trying to take down Carly, but the truth about what happened with Sonny remains under wraps, and people have a hunch there is more about this situation yet to be revealed. Sam and Jason have welcomed their baby girl, although the delivery was dramatic, and Olivia is determined to carry through on her plans. Where are things headed next?

Valentin and Lulu are facing a custody battle over Charlotte, and a hearing is coming soon. General Hospital spoilers detail that Valentin will be talking with Nina about how they have to present a united front and everybody will see him relying on a hotshot attorney to help him win. This will turn out to be Nora Buchanan, played by Hillary B. Smith, known to long-time soap fans from her time in the role on One Life to Live.

As TVLine details, Smith will reprise her OLTL role of Nora for a short time and viewers cannot wait to see her go up against Diane in the courtroom as Valentin and Lulu face off. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura will connect with Nina and offer up a deal of some sort, and Nina will be in a difficult position as she has to choose a side.

Franco has taken a gig as a janitor at General Hospital and spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that he’ll make a strange discovery during Monday’s episode, and whatever is coming up seems to leave Elizabeth rather stunned. Griffin will find himself in a dangerous situation, surely related to Olivia and her evil plans and curiosity about him, and teasers indicate that during Friday’s show, Griffin will be making a selfless sacrifice and the buzz is that this will be a juicy and explosive situation.

Griffin gets caught up in the drama this week on ‘GH’ [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Olivia is determined to get what she wants, although she has faced some setbacks along the way. General Hospital spoilers share that Anna will be haunted by her past, and it sounds as if a major face-off is on the way between Olivia and Anna, and Robin may be in peril as this all plays out. Soap Central notes that Julian will get some help from someone unexpected, and Alexis will once again try to swear off her estranged husband after all that has transpired. Will Julian find a way to take down his evil sister and keep Sam, Alexis, and his other loved ones safe?

Sam’s life was hanging in the balance after her difficult delivery, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is more trouble ahead. Sam and Jason are said to get bad news during Thursday’s show, and fans certainly hope that this isn’t related to the baby’s health. Ava and Kiki will spend some time together, and Kiki is said to forgive her mother, but this relationship may well hit new snags down the road as Ava’s role in Morgan’s death will surely emerge at some point.

Ava repairs things with Kiki, but will this renewed relationship last? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Carly confronted Sonny after learning that he supposedly slept with Nelle, and the young woman’s connection to the family and her reason for wanting revenge was finally revealed. This reveal had been a long time coming, and many viewers seem to feel as if this one was essentially a swing and a miss. However, there may be additional twists on the way, and General Hospital spoilers share that Michael will be expressing some doubt in Sonny, and Nelle will cross Michael and make a significant mistake of some sort as the week plays out. Carly is still trying to piece things together, but will she get the answers she wants?

Finn’s Zen Zen addiction is going to cause more issues for him, and everybody will see Jason’s life in jeopardy at the end of the week. How far will Olivia go to get what she wants, and who will lose their life as a result? Will it be Valentin or Lulu gaining custody of Charlotte? What happens to Griffin and could there be a twist on the way regarding him thanks to Olivia, as some suspect? Will Sam and Jason’s daughter be okay? General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of chaos on the way during the week of March 6 and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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