Cara Delevingne Goes Platinum Blonde As Chanel Lures Her Back Onto The Runway

Cara Delevingne has been absent from the spotlight in recent weeks, keeping to herself and seemingly taking a break from her multifaceted career, but she’s now making waves and headlines with her new hairstyle. Having lived much of her high profile life with variations of her brown/dirty blonde natural hair color, Cara recently stepped out with a new style and a shocking new color. A blend of silver and blonde, Delevingne stunned fans with the new bob cut and attention grabbing color change.

Cara Delevingne Steps Out With Her Stunning New Look

Vogue reports that Cara Delevingne was spotted out with bestie, Kendall Jenner, and while the two models hooking up for a girl’s night on the town may not be very exciting, it was Cara’s new look that really grabbed the attention of onlookers and paparazzi. Ms. Delevingne’s new hairstyle and color is an extreme change and, for those accustomed to Cara’s trademark brown hair, getting used to this new look may take some time.

Aside from a blending of silver and golden blonde streaks, Cara’s new hairstyle relies on layers of different lengths with her right side braided and pinned firmly against her scalp, while much longer hair flows freely on her left. Even at its longest, Delevingne’s new do still doesn’t reach to her shoulders, suggesting the supermodel turned actress had grown weary of the longer hair.

For her night out, Cara was dressed in a contoured black and white pin-striped suit with a black shirt that revealed her tanned midriff and the assembly of gold and silver necklaces hanging down from her neck. A black belt with a gold buckle completed the ensemble.

As a model and trendsetter, Cara Delevingne may cause a resurgence in platinum blonde hairstyles with her new look, especially if fans can look forward to seeing the new do on the runway.

Chanel Entices Cara Delevingne To Return In A New Campaign

Cara Delevingne is modeling for Chanel again. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Contrary to what some may have come to believe, Cara hasn’t entirely given up on her modeling career, instead alternating between acting and modeling. As proof of that, Harper’s Bazaar shares the news that Delevingne is once again modeling for Chanel. Cara had already appeared in Chanel’s recent Metiers d’Arts Show, as well as a number of live fashion shows for the company, but she just signed on to participate in a new ad campaign for Chanel, making her involvement with the company a little more permanent.

Along with Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, and Caroline de Maigret, Ms. Delevingne has participated in a number of video ads in which each celebrity shares how the company’s founder, Gabrielle Chanel, a.k.a. Coco Chanel, has influenced their sense of style. The campaign also has Cara and her peers promoting Chanel’s newest handbag.

Cara made her Chanel video before getting her new hairstyle, but this new modeling partnership suggests it won’t be long before Cara is back on the runway for Chanel.

“Everyone called her Coco but her real name was Gabrielle. It’s the perfect name for a handbag that has all the codes of Chanel,” Karl Lagerfeld says of the new product.

In her own video, Cara Delevingne shares her passion for music and creativity by using Gabrielle Chanel’s name in a catchy little jingle of her own, asking “Hey Gabrielle, what’s your name?” Ms. Delevingne then follows up by singing the Chanel founder’s full name over and over, while snapping her fingers.

What makes this video exciting is that Cara was given free reign to be herself and tease the Chanel handbag in her own unique way, instead of sending her down a runway or forcing Delevingne to read from a pre-written script. It’s 100 percent Cara Delevingne, fresh, inventive, and entertaining.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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